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    I definetely have less grappling experience than Omega, and I am in no way an authority on the subject. Just to make that clear.

    I now wish to clarify what I meant when I said the armbar was locked in. For my analysis I've used the version below, which I think is a tiny tad bit clearer than the one in the op, and without the sucky music.

    YouTube- Gracie Jiu Jitsu vs. Bodybuilder

    I base my opinion, that the armbar was sunk in, on following points in this video:

    4:01 where it is clear that Sauer has Utahs right arm straightened out, trapped with both his hands. Sauer also has his left leg across Utahs face. This can be seen again at 4:10, in the slow-mo re-run.

    After Sauer crosses his legs, things get a bit unclear, but at

    4:25 Utah manages to get up on his feet. His right arms still seems to be trapped, but he doesn't seem to be very far from popping it out.

    He is never able to get it out though, as at

    4:29-4:31 he falls down on his stomach, with his right arm still trapped, and, we must assume at this point, fully straightened out.
    We can also simultaneously see Sauer raising his upper body with his back against the ceiling, which leads me to believe that he is here in the process of executing the sumbmission, bending on Utahs arm, extending his elbow joint, about the same way as Fedor can be seen doing it in on an adversary in one of his more spectacular fights in the picture below.

    (Sorry about this ^, it was the first example of an armbar from that position that came to mind)

    Like I stated in my first post, we never see Utah tap, and at

    4:33 the video cuts to a completely different angle, where both Utah and Sauer are in totally different positions. They seem to have switched places, with Sauer to the left and Utah on the right (if the cameraman hasn't gone all the way around them and is now filming them from the other side of the room, which is possible).
    Utah is now definitely out of the armbar, he is standing up on his knees and seems to be trying to pass Sauers legs/guard, before he gets interrupted by someone (presumably telling him the fight is over).

    At 4:42 the video cuts to Sauer cheering over his win.

    Since the video is edited this way, we can not know for sure what happened between 4:32 and 4:33. Either Utah tapped, and Sauer let go of ther armbar, or he somehow managed to escape.

    For some reason I find it hard to believe that a room full of people, of which at least half should be fairly knowledgeable in grappling, would accept Sauers win if Utah actually did escape the armbar. But at the same time, the look of surprise on Utahs face when the fight is interrupted seems genuine.
    Therefore my guess is that Utah did some motion with his left arm or hand while being armbarred, that Sauer and some of the spectators perceived as a tap, but wasn't intended as one.

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    Just necroing this thread to post what's possibly Mr. Utah's second fight. You might want to mute it because of the annoying **** on the sidelines:

    The guy he fought once went sixteen minutes with Pat Miletech. Also, Jeremy Horn and Scott Ferrozzo had fights in this same club.

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    I saw this years ago and concluded the same thing: the guy either is a douche and he did not want to admit he was beat or really didn't think he was beat, but was on the verge of getting hurt. You can afford to apply pressure slowly in practice, but I thought I was looking at an imminent injury.
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