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    Mas Oyama's Memorial Gold Cup - Montreal Canada

    March 13th, 2004. This Kyokushin tournament is a combination of two different tournaments that have now merged. Previously there was Mas Oyama's Memorial Cup as well as Mas Oyama's Gold cup, both in Montreal. Anyway, it will be a huge tournament and I was wondering if anybody from this board was going. I am fighting in it as is Yuna.

    Oh, more info here: http://www.ohanbrothers.com/memorialgc.htm
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    Deluxe247 tells it like it is:

    you ninja fags just got owned in a bad way. this thread should go to the classics and mega thread forum due to the sheer size of taebo_master and gajusceaser's penis. (with which they just smacked across these ninja's faces)

    This Classic Thread - http://www.bullshido.net/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=9653&perpage=15&pagenum ber=14


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