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    Revolution Fight Team (Burnaby, BC)

    Revolution Fight Team has been around for a while however only operating in Langley BC, Coquitlam BC, and Calgary AB. I have never trained at any of those locations however when I heard that they were offering BJJ classes in Burnaby BC at the Gilmore Skytrain Gold's location I decided to check out a class as this is closer to home.

    I was pleasantly surprised at both the quality of instruction as well as the price so have been training with this group since spring.

    Revolution Fight Team in Burnaby location does BJJ-only both gi and no-gi. As they have just started in 2009 currently class sizes are small (6 to 12 people).

    The roll-out mat in the upstairs of Gold's would accommodate around 20 people and the club is growing with new recruits dropping by every week or so. Classes are currently open to any and they do have men, women, children, and intend to grow to have separate classes in future.

    Instructors at this location include:

    1) Bruno Capdeville

    - currently a purple under 2009 Dream GP winner Bibiano Fernandes (http://www.sherdog.com/fighter/Bibiano-Fernandes-11465)
    - Bruno is the guy on top in this video -- YouTube- Extreme Challenge Fighting - Bruno Capdeville

    2) Ahmad Khatib

    - Currently a brown belt also under Bibiano Fernandes and formerly BJJ instructor at Universal MMA.

    Price varies as you have to get a Gold's membership first -- in my case it's $40 / month for the Gold's and then $60 / month for the BJJ.

    If you intend to hit weights the Burnaby Gold's is the best in the area but obviously I'm there for the BJJ first.

    I've been told that it's ok to train in Langley as well where they have a new facility (see website: http://www.revolutionfightteam.com) with a full suite of kickboxing, boxing, MMA, BJJ, and open classes along with quality instructors including Tim Thursten (Boxing), Jose "Pele" Land-Jons (muay thai), Thiago "Jambon" Goncalves (BJJ BB / Nogueira), and "Super" Dave Rothwell (BJJ BB / GracieBara).
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