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    Supporting Member jitschix recently added this review of Larry Sanders Black Belt Academy in Austin, Texas. Here's a snippet:
    How many people get to study under someone with FIFTY THREE BLACK BELTS in FIFTY THREE DIFFERENT MARTIAL ARTS?!

    For my first visit, just to watch, I went to the school at about 6:45PM. The class was to begin at 7:30 and lasts until 9pm. Most students either train MW or T Th. There were two or three students already present, wearing light cotton karategi and street shoes (sneakers), desultorily stretching in an unsystematic manner. I entered the building and took a seat. I was greeted by a rotund, balding man wearing what appeared to be a smoking jacket or bathrobe in black, with white diamond stitching... this was the eminent Sijo Larry Sanders...
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    Member cam4276 supplied this review of Longtower Judo in Northern Ireland.
    The coach is Jim Toland who is the senior coach for Northern Ireland. Jim has won a number of awards for his coaching work and has built a very successful judo team. In the 2006 commonwealth games of Judo Northern Ireland came second out of 21 countries under Jim's management. He is also a very successful judo player himself and still competes in masters Judo.

    The Wednesday classes are sometimes taught by Jim's wife Lisa who is also a very successful Judoka. I believe she trained full time with the British squad at one time and she is a fantastic technical coach and has competed successfully in several major events.
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    Member Keej613 kiai'd this review onto the site, of Kyokushin Ottawa - Goudrealt Dojo
    I was pleasantly surprised to see that these combos included knees and elbows in addition to standard jab / cross / hook / uppercut strikes. The combos we were learning / practicing would have been considered "advanced" by most of the Muay Thai places I've trained at, including one of the more highly-regarded / respected Muay Thai school in my city which doesn't teach that sort of stuff to its students unless they've been there for at least 6 months and have moved onto their "advanced" group

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    The book is so much better.


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