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Compare this to the IJF who are only concerned about promoting Judo as a sport. Their agenda isn't to promote good effective Judo, but to promote a popular sport.
This is where most of my own concern tends to come in.

I'm generally for having a few rule-sets that can be trained for which help to balance out and insure overall development in Judoka. The modifications made to Judo to transform it into a sport* make sense if you are looking at it mainly as a sport, but make increasingly less sense if you are viewing it as a Martial Art that used competition as a means of skill cultivation. Creating a few different rule sets that emphasis each of the primary ranges of Judo practice and giving options for open weight classes and the like strikes me as an excellent way to refit competitions to help make for better Judoka.

Any when I mean better Judoka, I don't mean better competitors but better all around practitioners, both in the narrow sense and maybe even the full sense that Kano was seeking.

*Great details on how this happened in the "Vote for Yosh" episode of the Judo Podcast for those interested.