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    I think the main thing is that the rule-sets for most FMA competitions blow. They aren't fun.

    I despise wekaf armor so much. the annoying helmet and bulky ass armor.

    Give me gloves/fencingmask and livestick/paddedrattan any day of the week.

    Bruises, callouses and broken bones build character

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flipper View Post
    A few questions to the FMA people here:

    a) How large is an average class where you train?

    b) How many of the regular students have previous MA training?

    c) How many Filipino or Filipino-Americans (or Filipino-___________) are there in your class?

    d) How long is the class?
    A) Depends. I train in both a private group (that's 5 people) and in the gym, that has from 3 to 15 people depending on the day.

    B) About 60% I believe.

    C) None, I've never met a Filipino that lived here.

    D) One hour long.

    Quote Originally Posted by spamurai13 View Post
    Do previous arts accelerate or enhance your FMA training?
    For those taking FMA as their first and only art, how did they decide it as their only art?
    FMA for me was the first but not the last art, after enjoying it so much I started looking for other arts too. After passing trought a few Kung Fu, Karate and other stuff I finally settled with BJJ.
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