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    Hello from Quebec!

    Hey all

    I just turned 18 and I felt like I should go back to martial arts. I went to an excellent shotokan karate school a few years ago in Saint-Hyacinthe (Quebec, Canada) led by sensei Guy Brodeur. I was 7 at the time, and stopped at the age of 10, just when I got my green belt-- I grew tired of endless kions and katas.

    I started badminton at 12 and retired last month -- I was quite a player in my prime two years ago. I also played volley-ball and flag-football while senior in high school (in Quebec, we're 16-17 at that time). My coaches (including my sensei) always described me as a brain-player who knew which move to make in every situation and why; I also had pretty good technique. Thing is, I lacked the ''killer instinct'', the winner drive to go for the score no matter what and to get up after a hard blow.

    As of now I'm 6'1'' , 167 lbs (might be light, but I'm sturdy: strong legs and very wide shoulders), good strenght, okay cardio, okay flexibility. I train at a local gym about 3 times a week.

    Why am I telling you all this? I dunno, maybe because I feel like my background could let you help me in my decision process. Western and Thai boxing are too hardcore for me (badminton player, heh), aikido seemed useless for self-defense (important point to me), and kyokushin karate requires way too many katas and kions before it gets interesting.

    What I don't like about BJJ is the competition aspect. Most BJJ-only school push their students to compete. What I seek is a hobby, a physical and demanding one, true; but it is still a hobby to me.

    So after this random and long post, do you guys think BJJ would be good for me? If so, what school around Longueuil (Quebec) would you recommend? I heard Bravado Academy on Cure Poirier O is quite good.

    Thanks for the input

    PS: French is my first language.

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    Bonjour! With that simple greeting, I've exhausted my French.

    Clarify your lack of current desire when you sign up to BJJ, instructors won't overly push or force you to compete if you don't want to. That being said, you can read many poster's stories of how competition has helped them progress (wish I had more myself)

    Kickboxing and thai boxing is great for a taller guy like you. You are 18 now so you can do the muay thai sparing where you wrap your hands in rope, dip them in resin, then coat them in glass. AND THAT'S JUST FOR PAD WORK
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    Quote Originally Posted by Midas View Post
    So after this random and long post, do you guys think BJJ would be good for me? If so, what school around Longueuil (Quebec) would you recommend? I heard Bravado Academy on Cure Poirier O is quite good.
    I haven't been in a while, but yes Bravado is quite good. They won't really push you to compete either if you're more hobbyist then athlete. Just remember that's it's still BJJ; you'll need to spar in class in you want to make any progress.
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    Bienvenue. Je crois qu'il y'a d'autres Quebecois et Quebecoise ici.

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    Hey, I'm from Montreal! :)

    What makes you think Thai Boxing is too hardcore for you? Honestly, if you're not really that interested in competing, I don't see what worries you so much?

    I can't really say anything about BJJ as I don't know much about it, but good luck making a choice!

    I go to the Académie Sportive in Montreal at the moment, they offer various classes, MMA, BJJ, Thai boxing, kickboxing, boxing, etc. Cool place :)


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