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    Fairtex MMA Sparring Gloves

    I purchased these gloves through my gym about two months ago, and was instantly very impressed with the amount of padding and protection for the amount of mobility these gloves offer.

    Several of the guys at the gym have bought these, one switching from a pair of TapOut MMA training gloves and another switching from Throwdown Amateur Fight gloves. While similar to the TapOut training gloves, the Fairtex ones have greater padding (I actually found them better than my 12oz boxing gloves) and a thumb protector....which saves my delicately manicured nails.

    While pricey, I found them well worth it. While it took awhile to get them on when new (Damn! Missed a finger loop again!) after some wear they slip on and off easily. The leather / velcro strap which secures the wrist offers excellent wrist protection, although I did find my wrists to be a tad sore after very hard and long sparring sessions. The leather finger loops and thumb feel extremely strong, and the stitching still looks solid after two months of extensive use.

    During grappling, I found them fairly unobtrusive and almost forgot they were there while on the ground, despite their bulky look. There's not much there for a training partner to inadvertently grab or get caught on, and while at first a tad stiff, after a bit of use the finger and thumb mobility was surprisingly good.

    In all, an excellent and very safe option for training / sparring purposes. :icon_thum

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    These are the best mma sparring gloves I've used. (I've owned Tapout and Throwdown brands as well)

    Plenty of padding over the knuckles, nice snug fit so they don't chafe between my fingers when grappling, and they are Fairtex...which means quality construction in my experience.

    I highly recommend stepping up to this level of quality if you are in need of some new gear.

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    I accidentally got the size above my own when I purchased these gloves and they still fit and function better than any of the other brands that I've owned or worn. When I borrowed my coach's gloves, which were my size, it felt as if I had nothing on my hands when I grappled. These gloves rock.


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