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    Fitness Kicks

    I'm reviewing my gym Fitness Kicks, in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It is located at 11601 Montgomery NE. The gym is in a very safe neighborhood. The facility itself is quite large, and is very clean. We have a 19 ft. Grappling cage, as well as a 1700 sq. foot MMA room. 1200 ft of it is occupied by mat. There is a room occupied by kicking bags, and another for standard gym equipment. There is also a daycare room, as well as an after-school program for elementary school aged children. There are flat screen TV's all throughout the gym.

    Gym membership for me as a student is $34 a month. Under 18 is only $20. And for regular adults its $43. With membership you gain access to unlimited classes and a free private training lesson. Overall your getting way more than what your paying for.

    The classes offered include Jujitsu, Muay Thai, Judo, and Kenpo Karate. Also included at our gym are Yoga classes, various cardiovascular and conditioning classes, fitness kickboxing, and classes and programs geared towards weight loss.

    The gym is run by Steve Poulin, a Judo Black Belt, who's father trained at the Kodokan Judo Institute in Tokyo, Japan. His father opened up the first Martial Art school in Albuquerque. He is my Judo instructor, and a fantastic teacher.

    Our grappling instructor is Josh "Big Country" Lanier, a retired Pro MMA fighter. He holds the title of nidan Japanese Jujitsu. His teacher was from japan, and was very traditional. Another great teacher, I have learned so much from him, in my short few monthes of going here. Both Steve and Josh place emphasis on the traditional aspects of their style. We learn japanese terms, and occasionally get a little history lesson on their style. And whats great is that they don't over do it.

    And finally one of our striking Instructors, Nestor Tarango. I do not know very much about him unfortunetly. I have trained with him only a few times. But I feel like I've learned quite a bit, in those few times.

    The student ratio is very high. Jujitsu class is the most popular. And even then, we typically see at most about 8-10 people in a class, allowing our instructor to pay careful attention to each student. The other 2 classes I attend typically see no more than 3 students, including myself. While unfortunate that no one else is getting in on it, it allows for further concentration and attention on us by our instructor.

    The atmosphere is very friendly. Everyone there is very nice. The instructors are easy to work with, but by no means are they push-overs. When you come in here, prepare to work your ass off.

    Overall I believe its a top-notch school. You are getting way more than what you payed for. I believe they will turn me into a pro MMA fighter. I love it here, and I can't imagine training anywhere else.
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