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    What is Fight Fix and where can I watch it?

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    the nutty buddy is the most comfortable cup i've ever owned, and i own a bike cup, which was so small i thought it was for kids (it wasn't, it was an adult size, bought at fight house in NYC), and a shock doctor cup, which was a little better but still didn't fit flush against my inseam, so my junk was basically serving as the shock absorber for the cup. The nutty buddy is actually comfortable and the flush-against-the-inseam fit ensures zero shock transfer to your nuts. keep in mind that when the shock doctor compresses under that kettlebell, that could be your nuts in there getting squished. so what if the cup survives the impact if it collapses enough to rupture a testicle? with the nutty buddy, the shock is transferred to the pubic bone, which can take quite a bit of force without discomfort.

    i agree the only drawback is it looks like you have a pair of tube socks in your pants but so what. if i could i'd leave my nuts in my gym bag while I'm training. IF the next best thing requires i look like one of the ballet dancers in "Top Secret!" then oh well.

    the cups are fitted a bit small in my opinion and if a shock doctor cup feels small on you then definitely get the 'mongo' size, even if your height or weight is less than what is specified for it. NB sizes them according to your height and/or weight, not junk size/volume, so I'd recommend the largest size even if you happen to be average down there.

    the real problem of all cups is that they're just too small.

    Even nutty buddy call their largest size 'mongo' as if it's for some andre the giant/john holmes type guy but I'm basically average, and it still fits snugly. I would recommend to NB they make a larger one for guys who actually do have a lot down there, or maybe that someone make a cup that just covers the potatoes so the steak doesn't crowd them.

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