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    Indian Arms

    I've been fascinated by martial arts weaponry since a child--haven't we all?

    More specifically, my favorites are arms from India. Kataras, pata, urumi...
    Chinese, Japanese etc. arms are elegant, whereas India's arms are exotic.

    I've been reading through Egerton's Indian and Oriental Armour, and recently learned of chakram--hoop-like knives that glide a considerable distance. The book is full of hundreds of different kinds of swords, daggers and pole weapons. It may be in there, but I haven't found urumi or shuckra yet, so it may not be exhaustive--just close.

    There's the vadda chakkar, also not mentioned in the book, but that seems like a BS weapon, to me. If I saw someone wielding that in battle, I'd throw something at them.

    The book mentions cumber jung, which seem to be a couple of chakrams connected by chain to a handle. Novel flail.

    I've another book with Indian arms in it. I'd known about most of them already before reading it. The only novel ones were the weapon combinations: guns connected to bladed weapons. Interesting, but stupid as practical weapons.

    So, is that it, no more unknown Indian weapons?

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    You left out the food.


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