I am in need of a fighter age 35 + for our dec 13th show, I know I should retire but I guess i like this better than model trains or stamp collecting,

anyway i am in need of a gent who would do 2 X 4 min rds with me,

you could be anywhere from (170 - 200) lbs as i am about 180-185 or so I am not a professional, just a guy who likes doing shows for fun & to help kids
(100% for charity),

the only limitation is you cannot have any pro bouts in boxing,mma,kickboxing or professional wrestling (so we don't rile people up!)

e-mail our matchmaker @

[email protected]

bouts are 15 miles south of albany ny, If required I will get you a room at the motel,

great for career/family orinted guys who love the thrill of the fight!

100% of profit goes to a family who's breadwinner was shot breaking up a gang fight, we are giving them christmas!

fight for a great cause!