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    Quote Originally Posted by mfk3
    I think it's the artist, not the art, of course as a Kravist, l would give the advantage to the boxer, most are in better condition than the TKD guys and are more dynamic in their fighting style. Geez, I grounded a TKD master (in his mind, he owns a few schools) in about 3 seconds, I crowded him, neutralizing his kick and took advantage of my greater conditioning.

    Who knows, I underhooked/overhooked the guy and swept him. Had it come to blows, strikes and kicks, I would've probably killed him. In Krav our punching is similar to the Muay Thai punching, much faster and more effective than the silly tkd punches. A clench, sprawl and elbow to the neck are natural, just like a roundhouse knee to the ribs.


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    This is probably one of the top three stupidest threads I've ever seen. Is this like, a bunch of bots programmed to be stupid arguing with each other?

    Holy crap.
    "[Fighting for Points] is doubtless very pretty, and invariably draws applause, but preferences should always be given to blows that do some business, to good straight hits that do something toward finishing the fight.
    A man who has carefully trained for brilliant tapping play, will find himself considerably out of it in case he is called upon to do any real work."
    -A.J. Newton, Boxing.

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    Yea, I just hate was a dumb comment to a relatively dumb thread. I was paid to wrestle in college, it's called a scholarship, fighthing a storefront black belt is no relative measure.

    I think I brought it out with "It's the artist not the art" and the "Boxer v TKD" realy brings out the adverarily nature of people

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