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    When I saw that punch it reminded me of my other favorite Russian superhero and his fastball special.
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    Quote Originally Posted by diesel_tke View Post
    I was doing the same thing. I was yelling he gonna get a f-ing twister!!! And only the guy that I roll with knew what I was talking about!! Pretty funny.

    So I thought that Fedor was typical awesome. I think his timing is his winning factor. When he knocks people out, you always see him move in and throw that russian hook, then duck the punch that is always about a second behind his punch. He is awesome! And makes it look like a jog around the park.

    I hated the Jake Sheilds and Miller fight! It easily went to Sheilds, no doubt. But I just wished there was more to the fight then getting wrestled and controlled. Granted, Miller is really good at defending and escaping. But ****, I just wanted to see a little bit of stand up from Sheilds.

    All in all Great Fight card! Can't wait for the next one!
    Yes I am with you in that I cannot wait for the next one!

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    Man, that Fredo punch sounded like a major-leaguer cracking a home run into left field! Although, credit to Rogers for not only lasting through the first round but getting in some good hits.

    Lol @ all the people on the UG who talked so much trash about what Shields could do in the UFC. The guy struggled to put away mayhem and was saved by the bell (imo) from getting choked out. I'm not saying the guy has no skills. He clearly does. But it is becoming pretty clear to me that Champion in any other org = Journeyman in the UFC. It's enough to even make me wonder even how Fredo would fare...

    even Bigfoot looked impressive
    Yeah, even though he lost, I feel his performance in the first round shows I wasn't crazy to pick him.

    And how about that Sok? Pretty exciting fight and finally got to see him pull off some SWEET Judo throws. Of course, in the end he gassed really quickly and looked like he just gave up.

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    i gave this a 20 minute lead time on my DVR to be able to skip some commercials, and at the end found my recording end at the bell of the fedor/rogers fight!

    quickly switched to live tv to see a bloody fedor on the ground with a minute left in the 1st round. pieced the action together from watching the replays but missing the 1st round made me very angry. i'll have to download the fight so i can watch the whole round properly.
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    I watched the Showtime "360" program leading up to this fight and both Rogers and Fedor came off as really cool respectful people. Then at the end of the fight Rogers acted like a douche IMO. What happened to being humble in defeat? You want a rematch? Fine, but don't be a dick about it. Admit you got caught, admit to what mistakes you made and humbly accept the opportunity to fight him again in the future, but don't act like he didn't beat you.

    Maybe I'm wrong but Rogers talked liked Fedor didn't beat him but instead that he beat himself which is bullshit.

    That being said I think Rogers put in a good showing against Fedor and outside of losing shouldn't be upset with his performance.

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    See how nicely rogers assumed the fetal position ?
    yeah, just like the velasquez / rothwell fight, you can say "oh he was fine soon after the end and could have _____"

    if you kept fedor there punching rogers like a mad dog, you would have 1 less heavyweight that is able to compete well.

    good call on the ref.

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    That was a great card. Each fight was entertaining and I got so hyped up during the main event that I couldn't fall asleep for a while.

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    A good card. I really enjoyed watching the fights, even Shields vs Miller.
    Curiosity killed the cat. But damn it had a blast.

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    Best card I have seen for a long time! I don't care about commercials...part of the deal. What is important is great fights and this was an awsome card! Awsome striking and grappling.

    I was really impressed with Sok...great standup and takedown transitions. Even though he lost, it was good to finally see him show what he can do...and against such a good opponent.

    Man, had Miller got that body triangle 20 seconds sooner, her would have won that fight. Shields was going to go out. It was on tight.

    Fedor's fight reminded me of an old pride fight. It has been a while since we have seen someone take it to Fedor like that. The broken nose did not worry me. We have seen Fedor cut, etc, in the beginning only to come back and win. I knew that if he got out of round one, Fedor would finish. Having said that, I give Rogers major props. He did MUCH better than expected. He showed a good game and made a name for himself...even if he lost.

    The whole card was awsome. Great job Strikeforce/M1. I can't wait to see how Dana tries to trash talk this card...LOL.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nightowl View Post
    Even Mr. Rodgers can't beat Fedor
    Mr.Rogers' sweater > Fedor's sweater.

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