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    Quote Originally Posted by elipson View Post
    He got poked in the eye in the first thirty seconds of the fight. That's not really enough time to determine who was winning the fight, therefore you logic is stupid.
    rewatch the fight. yes it happened early, but matt had already dropped junk once.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wolf View Post
    I will say this for Matt. I train with the guy, and I've seen him go hard in training. That fight was not indicative of his gas tank. He's very inexperienced as far as having fought much. I can pretty much guarantee it was all adrenalin dump that caused him to gas. He'd been so jazzed up to fight for so long, when the time came he just got to excited. I watch him go hard for multiple 5 minute rounds in training without letting up at all. It's a whole different world when you actually fight though because of nerves and everything.

    Now as for his crazy comments and stuff. I have no idea what all that is about. He's very different back here at home.
    Question for those guys who train for competition: Will your cardio be worse if you're training hard twice a day and then told two days before when you're going to fight, or if you're going into the gym three or four times a week doing half and half cardio and technique and get told two days before your fight. Clearly the whole process of peaking your conditioning for the day of the fight starts weeks in advance and is very important, but for situations where that's totally out the window, which is the worse scenario?

    I've always wondered this because guys never look as bad and as gassed when fighting off the show as when they're on it, and it has to be because of the short time.

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    As people have said before and shall continue to say:

    Has everyone forgotten the first round fights on every season?

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    Yeah, but this wasn't one decent fighter against a crappy one. This was two guys throwing haymakers with their hands down. I know it is harvest season but that was a bit ridiculous.
    There is no cheating, there is only jiu-jitsu.

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