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    Kata is a very large part of the diverse curriculum. Alot of weapon work done. Very large curriculum covering many different topics I.e. Locks, throws, kicking, multi attacker, communication. Slow to medium speed, partner drills according to skill level. The majority of striking drills are done into the air, although some pad work occurs from time to time. No grappling but ground defense is taught. Kosho is about proper living and self defense. The professor has authored several books and is very knowledgable. I know there isn't alot of info floating around about kosho...Hope this helps. The rating numbers coincide with the legend so take a look at that and you'll understand that because I had to give a 4 for weapons intruction, that has nothing to do with the instruction iteself but the fact that no blood is drawn as a result. Top notch instruction in all areas.:icon_bigg
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    Striking 7? Weapons instruction 8? I think you need to reconsider. Also, Mods--please merge with Kosho of WNY - No BS MMA and Martial Arts (ie delete the other thread).
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