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    Quote Originally Posted by TN380 View Post
    Isn't that generally the case though?

    Eh,well, yes. I still prefer to watch UFC these days. Japanese orgs pull better worldwide talent, but I hate watching Japanese fights for two reasons.

    One, they just confirm what the uninitated believe about mma. The Sakuraba fight showed how little regard they have for their fighters. Zelig's leg got snapped in three places. WTF.

    Two, Japanese fighters. They're either dinosaurs, overskilled in one area, or walking encyclopedia, they know a lot but don't go too deep into anything. Then, they use that god awful Homer Simpson "just let him beat on you until he gets tired" strategy. I just don't see the logic in getting trounced so you can win by submission in the late rounds. You're just prolonging your recovery. Anyway, this doesn't apply to all of them, but I still see too much.
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