If you have experience it is truly golden. It can tell you what you thought might work and didn;t and what yu might have neglected but works really well when an actual situation occurs.

Here is a start:

Front kick to the groin: My experience of this technique is that to the front of the person it does not affect as one blieves when snapped. From behind the person it is golden. The groin is exposed and hit against the boney contusions on teh pelvis and it will hurt like a bitch.

One of my favorite techniques is simply a finger poke to the trachea, which ai have used a few times with great effect. the person was dropped and able to get back up and I was able to not be hassled further. This is a great technique for multiple opponents because it takes the first person out quickly if done right... Right? Don;t try to shove a trout down their throat, you simply extend the fingers under their chin and kant down.

Grabbing the wrist: when you actually do this the person will become enraged, pull their arm back and deck you.

better to grab the wrist from the side do Sankyo and shoot their elbow up tpo the ceiling, if they do not stiffen up from the hold you can smash their nose like you would smack down on a fly with a newspapeper.

Reverse punch in karate. When you deliver it turn your shoulder and head away completely from the person (this creates space and will deflect anything they throw at you) crouch under your arm, then turn with all the force you can muster the other way and you can shuto to the neck this way as well. Why? probably because you can;t outspeed someone with that technique, its not designed for that purpose, it is a power punch. When you use it this way you generate power, you offset their attack and you catch them hard. I did this once and the guy froze on me and once I KO'ed someone who wanted to use boxing punches on me... I didn;t even see his punches as they bounced off myshoulder, all I remember is the feeling of my shuto in this case slamming into his neck and him hitting the ground hard.

Ok there are two to start with that I have experienced.