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    Tua Vs Cameron - Suprised its not up here already

    Hey guys,

    I did a few searches but was surprised that this fight wasn't up here already.
    Guess it depends on where you are.
    But the fight was talked up for many months over here.
    On match night the city was full of revelers, the whole country was on tenderhooks.

    It was billed as "the fight of the century".

    The fight of the century ended a few seconds into the second round. Officially anyway.
    But in reality it was over in the first.
    I have to admit I think the ref should have stopped the fight after round one.

    YouTube - Boxing - David Tua vs Shane Cameron

    Tua held the center of the ring, sussed out his opponent and picked his moment. THEN he went in and did the job.

    I noticed that he is much quicker now than in his previous fights. He's much lighter now, which is doubtless a factor in that.

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    A bit of a dissappointment actually.

    Nice KO, but i think Tua's too old to achieve much more in his career and was kind of hoping Cameron would show the ring smarts to atleast make a fight of it.

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    It's good to see Tua knockin' dudes out again. He looks sharp, and he can make some interesting fights in the heavyweight division.


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