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    Neil Adams' Instructional Videos

    Get ready for pure teaching gold.

    Neil Adams in conjunction with Cagefilm.com . are producing an instruction series from Neil Adams.

    Neil Adams is an 8th degree BB and former world champion and 2 time Olympic Silver Medalist. Couple that with being the former British Olympic coach and now the Belgium Olympic coach AND he does the commentary fro virtually every Judo highlight video I would say he knows a little about Judo.

    I have had the pleasure of going to a couple of seminars with Mr. Adams and they were amazing. He is also an amazing person and will always be held in high regard by me.

    His ability to teach is phenomenal and his technique is beyond anything I have ever seen or felt in all my years of Judo.

    The videos are currently at 3. The first in the series is free if you register at the forums for Cagefilm. It deals with stance and balance and is a great primer for anyone who wants to improve there throwing ability.

    He starts with movement and stance and continues on to 4 throws. He focuses primarily on just getting into the throw in this part and alludes to later lessons on gripping and other specific throws.

    You get to see a taste of his trademark Taiotoshi. Which I can tell you is a product of his superhuman grip strength and amazing ability to put all of himself into a technique. I start to feel sorry for his uke, Tom.

    The lesson proceeds in a somewhat organized manner and is just Mr. Adams teaching on the fly without a script which is apparent in his lost of words at times and the fact that he does the whole 45 min in one take.

    Breaking down each section would be a highly difficult task and since it is free I would just suggest you watch it and generate questions for your instructor from it.

    Beginners will find it difficult to follow but more advanced player will understand a lot more of his instruction. Coaches I would highly suggest you mine this video for the drills and instruction tips he offers they are pure gold.

    I have purchased and viewed his other videos and must say they are on par with anything I have ever seen as far as instruction. The second video focuses on the mechanics of throwing, transferring power, and footwork.

    This one as too much information to even begin to describe it to you. I have watched it 3 times now and still have not got everything out of it. Seriously this is the most detailed you will ever see anyone talking about throwing. He breaks down hands, feet, body and head motion for throwing. This video right here will give you hours and hours of teaching and training material.

    The third video is on arm locks. Mr. Adams was feared on the mat in his day and his rolling arm bars are a thing of beauty. BJJ guys will see it and go meh. Judo guys this is money. Personally I have used his way of arm bars all throughout my Judo career and have had great results.

    The one thing I will caution you on some of the things that Mr. Adams does is due to his superhuman grip strength. I am not going to bullshit you on this he is freaky strong with his grip. Keep this in mind for a few things that he goes. He tends to forget that mere mortals are also doing Judo.

    The videos are down loadable which was way cool and less than $10 each. I had a problem with the licensing after the download but the guy Tim Lord was very responsive and worked his ass off to resolve the problem. You also HAVE to use Internet Explorer to download the videos because of the licensing. This doesn't bother me but may be a pain for some people.

    All in all these are great videos and I highly suggest you get them. Mr. Adams has a demeanor and charisma that sets him head and shoulders above anyone I have ever meet in the Judo community. You really feel like you are in a private lesson with him.
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    Wow, that is dirt cheap for what sounds like gold. I'm glad, and will probably get them, but wow! What a price point!

    Thanks for the great review Josh.
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    thanks, josh! great review.

    seems like mr. adams is savvy enough to have figured out that with internet distribution, he can sell videos for a much lower price and still do well if the material sells in any sort of volume.

    people are actually less likely to pirate these videos, at that price point, since spending $10 is a lot easier than getting them in other ways. when you are looking at a $200 dvd set, piracy seems to be a more attractive option to many people.

    hopefully this sort of thing will catch on more and more.
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    my judo is terrible... i just signed up.

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    I signed up for this as well. His references to movement and balance are fantastic. Thanks for the heads up, Coach Josh.


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