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    Originally posted by sin_dios

    i dont want to eat before bed, its just unhealthy.

    is 55 g per serving way too much?
    Around 50 g's per serving of protien is optimum.
    Much more and it gets converted to blood sugar instead of absorbed as protien.

    Currently i'm doing pretty much all dumbbell weight training. (no access to barbels and bench set etc...and some machines too) will that be good enough for lifting?
    **** machines. Dumbells are the best due to their use of stabilizer muscles. Machines and even barbells give too much structure and stability recruiting LESS total muscle but only isolating targeted muscles. For example, (due to injuries) I can easily do 140 on a bench press machine but only 70 lbs using dumbells. This is because my stabilizer muscles are not strong enough for heavier lifts.....

    By the your stabilizer muscles is good.
    It also has more real life application. :D

    thanks keinhaar i'll try that. What's CCC though?
    LOL. Long day eh?

    sin_dios - You type some funny ****. Good night now....
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    sorry i had to bail for awile. and i'm only back for a sec here.

    thanks for what everyone wrote.
    i think alternating dumbelll and barbell work outs is a good idea.

    if you guys don't know what i'm talking about with food enegetics like damp etc you should check out some food theory form tcm or aruveda. knowing about how food effects your body is alot more than trying to isolate evry chemical and alkaloid in every different food, which would basically be a scientific endeavor.

    whats wrong with egg yolks? theyre hot and damp as hell. fine for some, but not me. the yin and blood nourishment come from the white, which has lot of protein anyway.

    as far as eating before bed, please xplain how this practice ia anything but negative for your internal organs and over all abilty to rest deeply. explain why its a myth

    see ya later

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    my protein regimen:

    more chicken

    i tried protein powder a while ago but then i realized i eat like an insane mountain troll so it's all good.

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    Here's a link about aruveda. Sounds like quasi-scientific food religion BS to me.

    I'm off to eat a protien-rich Burrito black beans+
    steak = yummy protien!

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    Hi guys,

    I've been on the protein bandwagon now for about a year. I usually use Optimum Whey brand which has about 22g of protein per 8oz serving. I used to take it daily, but I've cut back to just 2 servings on the days that I work out and maybe one serving the day after if I'm sore.

    About protein found in food. Your beef typically has slow burning protein, for you hard gainers, eating a 6oz. steak before bed is a good idea to maintain muscle mass. Believe it or not, if your metabolizm is high and your fat mass is low, your body will burn muscle for energy, even while you sleep.

    Chicken is great for day time activities of a longer time period. One chicken breast should have about 40g of protein.

    Most fish, especially Tuna is a very high quality of protein that your system will burn through in no time at all. Great to eat before a workout, but don't rely on it for prolonged activities. At least not if you want the protein for feeding muscle mass. Tuna makes an excellent snack.

    Also, if you're not trying to lose weight or 'cut up', remember that if you eat foods that contain no fats or carbs, you're going to be hungry again *very* soon. It's the fat or the conversion of carbs to fatty sugars that allow your body to get that satisfied feeling after eating. Don't believe me? Try eating an apple for a snack. You'll be hungry again in about 20mins.

    In regards to Creatine, it's great for recovery time. EAS has a good product, but I don't like the 'loading' aspect of the supliment. Not to mention that it's hard on your liver.

    I recently discovered CoQ10(Coenzyme Q10), and after doing extensive research on it, I purchased some. A bottle of thirty 60mg pills should cost you about 16-18 bucks and it's well worth it.

    CoQ10 is an enzyme that was discovered in Cow hearts back in the 50's. Everyone produces this enzyme in their own bodies and it has been shown to assist with ATP transfer between cells as well as fight the effects of Free Radicals(break down of cellular structure). The average person produces approximately 300mg of CoQ10 daily between the ages of 20-30, then it drops off slowly, so it is actually recommended as a supliment. In addition to the above properties, it functions as a fat blocker to a small extent and assists with digestion(those of you that used to be able to eat pizza in the morning for breakfast when you were 20, but cannot now that you're 30 will appreciate this aspect ;-) ).

    According to what I found out, it takes approximately 30-90 days for any real effects, but I think that will vary depending on the person. I could tell a difference in my energy levels within a week and a half of taking the suppliment.

    So, if you want a supliment that occurs naturally in your body, acts as an antitoxicant and will help your muscles recover for workouts, in addition to helping with muscle growth, give it a try.

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