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I think the answer is obvious here, and it doesn't require a battle over style.

If the OP is correct in saying that the MMA schools nearby produce well-ranked UFC fighters, then it's a no brainer. If you want to learn to fight, and there is a place that produces highly-skilled, professional fighters, why would you consider anywhere that wasn't producing the same caliber of fighters?

If your shotokan school is producing world-class athletes, it'd be a different story. But I'd bet my money that the MMA schools produce better fighters.

If you are looking to be a world class athlete short of the World Karate Federation World Championship Grand Champion then you probably arent going to take Shotokan or any type of Karate or Taekwondo for that matter . Of course there are exceptions Machida -Shotokan St.Pierre kyokushin.
But if you are looking to strictly fight and compete as a UFC type fighter , go to a MMA school and there are plenty of real good ones .

It depends on what each person is looking for . And for me personally Shotokan karate works but for the person that needs to fight alot and roll around then MMA is it . One Day I may try MMA myself for no other reason to broaden my horizons and better my skills.and to have fun.