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    I like watching boxers I can identify with in my own style, or boxers who I think I could learn something from.. I don't think there's anything I could really learn from the flashy guys i'm not light footed, i'm not all that fast and I definitely ain flashy
    Surely you can appreciate a boxer for this skill (not to mention strategy/courage/grit) even if you can't do what he does??

    Having had the great luck to attend a seminar with Royce Gracie, I certainly couldn't do what he was effortlessly doing yet I could gawp in amazement at this technique and flow.

    "A Man's Grasp Should Exceed His Reach, Else What's A Heaven For?"

    Only 1 Brit Reporter thought Ali would defeat Big George. One. His In-Fight Strategy had to be modified when he realised he couldn't dance much beyond Round 1. The bold pragmatic solution of laying the Ropes allowing the most destructive puncher of the day (and World Champ) lambast him as he (Ali) fought a different fight is now legendary. It took a fighting Brain, Courage etc to formulate and apply. That's what helps to make Boxing so interesting. The capacity to take a Risk and make a change.

    Another example, Sugar Ray Robinson's KO of Gene Fullmer (World MW title fight). Ray went Right Hand Crazy against the supremely rugged Fullmer. And won with a short Left Hook.....

    You watch things you can't do to be inspired, educated and amazed.


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    Matches that involve Mexican boxers are the real-life equivalent to Dragon Ball Z fights. Here's Round 5 of Erik Morales vs Marco Antonio Barerra I.
    It goes back and forth. Barrera counters Morales' uppercut with a right cross. He comes in, they both go Dragonball with the punching and the slipping. Barrera takes punishment, recovers, and attacks back. Morales attacks, takes damage, and slips that big uppercut.

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