While not yet officially announced, Strikeforce has a hold on the HP Pavilion in San Jose for a show on Dec. 12, and former football great Herschel Walker, during an appearance on ESPN2, tabbed mid-December for when he would like to make his MMA debut.

Strikeforce promoter Scott Coker earlier this week said that Dec. 12 was only a tentative date. But if the date proceeds, it would be the first time a Showtime MMA event would go head-to-head with a UFC pay-per-view card.
Itís definitely a ballsy move if they make it. Whether itís stupid or not I suppose is up for debate. The UFC is coming after Strikeforce regardless of much they like them or hate Showtime, so itís not like this move would wake the sleeping giant.

Having Herschel Walker on the card is going to attract mainstream media attention regardless, but Herschel Walker vs. UFC 107 may very well attract more. Thereís probably some small segment of the casual fanbase that could be persuaded into watching Herschel Walker for free (sort of) instead of paying for another UFC event, especially when thereís another one only a few weeks later. Or maybe a larger segment of that same fanbase would check it out if there wasnít a UFC event to watch. Maybe the additional media coverage would convince a significantly larger portion of the general sports fanbase who donít buy the UFC pay-per-views to tune in.

I donít know, but at the end of the day, I really donít think it matters what Strikeforce does or doesnít do. There was a time when I thought one of these organizations could make a dent in the UFCís market share, but after everything thatís transpired over the past couple years, Iím really starting to believe the UFC brand is just too powerful to overcome. No matter what all these promotions try, the UFC is always the one who comes out smelling like roses. Look at ProElite. Not even counting all the debt they racked up buying up other promotions, splurging on websites, lavish offices, and overpaying executives, they still werenít making anything significant off their golden goose Kimbo Slice. Look whoís profiting off him now.