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I really am shocked at the level of fanboyism. Can you all remove your collective anything-other-than-mma sucks balls out of your mouth. How can you NOT be impressed with Mayweather? He is so good he makes great boxers look dumb. I guess we should all hate Kenny Florian because BJ made him look stupid and then just hate on BJ for not fighting Fedor?

The sports are different. If your gunna say I want to see Mayweather fight mma, then lets also say I want to see X mma guy fight Mayweather under boxing rules....
Good grief sack swingers.
It's not that I don't like boxing, I just don't like Mayweather. His boxing is great, sure, but that doesn't excuse his mouth or attitude, and it definitely doesn't excuse all the fight ducking he does.

Also, your analogy is off because where BJ would have to gain a hundred pounds to fight Fedor, Mayweather could meet Pacman anywhere between where he is now (145ish) to where Pacman started, at 119. Mayweather has no valid excuses for not fighting Manny, especially if he wants to keep saying he's "the P4P best."

As for the fighting MMA thing, it's because he keeps saying that any boxer could dominate in MMA that I wanna see the self-proclaimed best do what he claims.