I've been seeing this pop up for the last week or so, across the (prepare to retch) MMA "Blogosphere". Kimbo Slice, in an interview with one of the latest crop of spindly-wristed "bloggers" to latch onto the MMA phenomenon harder than than an infant Michael Moore on a cheeseburger-flavored titty, let it "slip" that he was going to be fighting on the TUF finale.

Earth to Blobgers: Pretty much everyone from the show fights on the finale. The key is whether or not someone's actually fighting in the finale.

That that this is being made into "news" is symptomatic of the progressive lowering of the bar for what consists of "reporting" on the sport of Mixed Martial Arts. With more and more people in the media taking notice of this (mostly hoping to cash in on the industry after seeing Tapout profiled on CNBC), we're seeing less and less coverage of the sport by people who actually train in it and know what they're talking about.

This is the kind of half-ass reporting that causes Dana White to drop F-bombs like a AC-130 over Dumbfucksistan. It's enough that we, at Bullshido, are giving some thought to setting up a fund for sending Chris Cyborg around the country to (literally) choke the crap out of the doughy bloggers who write this garbage, in an effort to clean up the sport's reputation.

Not everyone is a badass fighter and competent writer; there are only so many Joe Lauzons floating around in the MMA world. But if you do find yourself covering the sport, you have a moral obligation to get your ass in the gym at least a handful of times so you know what you're talking about.

Seriously, we're glad you new fans watch MMA now. Those of us who've followed it via the mats, the cages, and the Internet for the last 15+ years would like to extend a heartfelt welcome to you.

But on the flip-side, MMA is not quilt-knitting; rumors, speculation, and half-cocked "news" coverage like this should be reserved for conversation between douchebags in Affliction shirts watching the fights at Buffalo Wild Wings, not for any website wanting to pretend it's credible.

So if you ran the news story about this idiotic rumor, you are now morally obligated to commit eSeppuku and take a wakizashi across the cables that connect your webserver to the Internet.

Don't fear, we'll stand as second in case you lose the nerve midway through. Our "Bullshido Blade" as always, is sharp and ready.