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    Some people have had great 1911 experiences, some not so much. I'm personally on my 3rd 1911 right now. I've had a Colt M1991A1 Commander, a Springfield Mil-Spec that I had all sorts of custom work done to, and I now own a Springfield Armory Lightweight Champion Operator that I just ordered some VZ Alien grips for. I've put 100 rounds through the Operator so far, no malfunctions even though it's not broken in. Never had a single malfunction with my older Mil-Spec in about 1000 rounds, and put about 7000 rounds through the Colt I used to have with only 2 malfunctions, both using the same box of MagTech ammo. The right 1911 is a very reliable weapon.

    Then again, I'm also (as I mentioned) a lover of Glocks and SIGs in 9mm, and I like the Glock 23 as well which is a .40. Each weapon has it's merits. But my Glocks have both had more than 5 malfunctions. My SIG is free of problems, but it's only had about 300 through it. If you have a 1911 that's as reliable as the ones I've had, you should by all means trust it.

    And by the way, I have to disagree, SIG triggers are GREAT, but they aren't 1911 triggers even in SA. And as for the USP trigger, I honestly think it feels cheap. There's too much play to it, just like the Beretta trigger. Put the safety on and it can still move. Maybe not a big deal to some, but it annoys me. I'd take a Glock over an HK in terms of trigger quality, and that's saying something.

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    Interesting. My Kimber is jamming at a much higher rate than you're describing. I wonder if it needs a new extractor or something.

    (I usually experience one malfunction per steel shooting event, which is about 175 rounds or so.)
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