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    I don't want to start a full Bullshido investigation or anything, but I do have to ask about the qualifications of "Sifu" Ron Davenport. Here's what caught my eye (from the "Staff" page):

    "At the age of 13, after receiving Black Belts in Tae Kwon Do, Tang Soo Do and Okinawan Karate..."

    Three black belts by age 13? Either this guy's the second coming (of Jesus or Bruce Lee, take your pick), or something's Bullshido here. It's the only thing I can find in the St. Louis metro area that claims to teach San Shou, but I'm fearing that's Bullshido as well. Anyone have any experience with "Sifu" Ron Davenport or his supposed master, "Grand Master DoctorCai Ying Xia"?

    Hope this is the right place for this, wasn't sure if it should go here or under the full Bullshido forum, so I opted for the wasting-less-people's-time forum...
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    I used to train under Sifu Ron Davenport. He is legit. Very dedicated and highly skilled in Shaolin kung fu and related arts. I have since studied under a couple different kung fu teachers; but, none have come close to the expertise I observed with Ron. Good luck finding him, though. I think he fell off the grid or something...sadly.


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