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    I've always thought it was stupid. None of the people I have taken pics with have put their fists up (thank god). If they had, I'd almost feel like I had to. I wonder if then, some of the fighters just do it out of habit at this point.
    There is no cheating, there is only jiu-jitsu.

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    Over the years, the brand of choice worn by douche bags shifts and differs each year.

    Right now the ones to watch are the "silver Star" assholes. Before that it was Affliction. Before that, tapout. Nowadays, tapout is mostly worn by kids and teenagers, not real trouble makers.

    At least at my bar.

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    I have two gear related Ts. A SPRAWL and an OTM. The only people that comment on them are people who train. But they're very understated shirts. No crazy graphics or blood stains. I get FAR more comments and questions when I wear my Bully T (Whats a McDojo, Chi Blast, etc). But I never wear any of that stuff on fight nights.

    Note: Whenever I fly, I wear that Bully shirt and never once have I been approached by another Bully. Are you all part of the unseen Ninjer army?
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    i personally feel most the mma fan gear is really whack

    & its overpriced

    cmon now - $40 for a freaking tshirt? add taxes thats 50

    & I'd rather get a picture of me putting a sleeperhold on Randy the Natural

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    Cofield is stupid.
    Also, Rogan doesn't care about this hand that feeds him. Hell, he was such a fan of mma that he used to do the commentating for free when it looked like the UFC was going to go under.

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    My friend Jasmine with Matt Hughes.

    He put his fist up.

    She flashed the FOB sign.

    He opened his fist into a FOB V.

    Some people may put their fist up because they want to be like fighters.

    Matt Hughes puts the V up cuz he secretly wants to be a Korean girl.

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    The lack of modesty among the fans that wear the Tap-Out and Affliction shirts always bothers the hell out of me.
    There was one guy in my English class that showed up EVERY SINGLE DAY of the entire semester wearing some king of Affliction shirt with matching Affliction cap. During group work, instead of helping his group with the workload, he would make sure we all knew how "tough" he was. He was so "tough" that he felt that he did not need to help do any of the work. After class he always walked around with his chest expanded, slowly turning his head left and right as he walked. There is no other type of sports fan I hate more than the MMA fan...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Humanzee View Post
    I believe they have those in Alabama,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Conde Koma View Post
    I heard an Aussie (or NZer? can't remember) talking about how you'll get in a fight down under just for wearing a Tapout shirt.

    Don't know about NZ, but if you are wearing a Tapout shirt over here, I'll assume you train (although this assumption has backfired a couple of times, as documented below and in another thread). Mainstream acceptance of the sport is still a long way off and brand awareness is minimal, plus it is still fucking expensive over here so buying it for "prestige" is stupid when the majority don't recognise the brand. Douches over here are just discovering Ed Hardy.

    I wear a Tapout hat, bought it from a discount bin, it fit and looked good, a rarity with hats on me. Didn't go looking for a Tapout hat, just wanted a hat for summer. I train and have real world violence experience, if anyone wanted to start a fight because I wear MMA related merchandise they'd be stupid...

    I have related a story about seeing a dude in Venum BTT jumper in another thread. He didn't train, but he was a fan. Nothing wrong with that, we chatted for a bit, but ultimately we didn't have much to talk about after professing our love for the sport (or more specifically for him, UFC). I train, he doesn't. We both enjoy the sport from different angles.

    I am actually on the lookout for some good Aussie MMA brands, as I really want to support our local scene. As said before, buying brand names helps them sponsor fighters and the world goes 'round...

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