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    Fighter in the wind - korean/japanese audio english subs

    My instructor and I were discussing favorite martial arts movies. As he didn't have a copy of his favorite (The Terrorist{Korean}) he did have a copy of his second favorite film; "Fighter in the wind", it's a story taking place during the Japanese occupation of Korea, a young Korean guy stowaways to japan to join the Japanese airforce only to find out that Koreans can only be "kamikaze" pilots, he and a few other Koreans that refused to be "kamikaze" excaped during some bombings to the base they were at. After escaping the young man struggled to make money, mainly in part because of the "yakuza". To save you some reading I'll sum it up quickly from here -- he gets a copy of Musashi's "a book of five rings" and turns into a great fighter, traveling all over Japan fighting all the top fighters in all the schools. Really great movie.

    I've always been a big fan of the Chinese martial arts movies (KungFu flicks), just for the sheer fact that I get mesmerized by the acrobatics lol. I'd have to say that I am going to start looking for more Korean/Japanese martial art films as this one seems to have kinda the same theme as the old kungfu flicks (feuding styles) but it kept my interest without the acrobatics, it really did have a great story to follow besides the feuding schools theme.

    If you want to see a really good martial art film, find "Fighter In The Wind", it is a good film, and apparently somewhat a true story?, at the end they give the old "rest of the story" stuff, I won't spoil it for ya but you know what I mean, just before the credits: "Timmy went on to be a great pilot and in 1983 was given the ***** medal of honor for whatever whatever whatever", but the "rest of the story" credits for this one was accurate from what I've researched, as for the story and the happenings in the movie I can't be sure.

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    Wasn't fighter in the wind based loosely off of Mas Oyama?

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    Yes it was.

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    Emphasis on "loosely".

    Still, it's a good martial arts movie, and, ignoring the completely out of place assmetal during the training montage, damn enjoyable. Scenes of lol include choking out a ninja, kicking a log in half, and the main character getting his **** wrecked by judoka.

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    You call that a movie review?

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    I saw it, and I like it, but there are better Corean films in my opinion. One of them is "Crying fist". It is about boxing and it is highly recommendable.

    The story has two main characters, one is an old olimpic boxing champion (silver medal, If I remember well) who is absolutly broke and survives by offering to the people literaly in the streets as a sparring. The other is a juvenile offender from broken home who finds in boxing a meaning to his life.

    The films is good, probably as good as the first Rocky.

    By the way, this is a brief Sinopsys (and sorry if it is not well written, but english is not my language)

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    Gah, you beat me to it! This is a favorite film of mine and now I can't review it! One of Doo-Hong Jung's best works as a fight choreographer! And the use of a three-act structure! Gahh!!

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    There are a lot of Korean movies with brilliant cinematography and abhorrent writing; FITW doesn't sink to the depths of the horror film Yoga or anything but I felt the storytelling left something to be desired, factual hilarity nonewithstanding. I would have liked them to have settled more firmly on what kind of movie they wanted this to be; for all the Oyama drama and ponderous gazes we barely get to understand a lot of these characters. Alternately, the action present in the film really benefits from the cinematography but it isn't an action-driven film, so what you end up with is something about as light and agreeable as the popcorn you might be chowing down while you watch.


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