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    I don't know if you can use this fight to judge how a pac-mayweather fight would go. pac has at least had a few fights at a higher weight class, allowing him to get used to the change, and his aggressive style seems to work well. he brought some power up with him as well. i do think a mayweather who didnt make weight makes quite a difference, but not because of size advantage. it would have to do more with endurance. a drained mayweather might have helped slightly even out the size advantage he had over marquez, the way de la hoya's drained ass was against pacquiao. how much? we'll never really know. i want to see how pac does against cotto in Nov. before i make any call about how a pac-mayweather fight goes.

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    sorry to get off topic, but what was the name of the first fight's winner?
    he had a good match and landed two great counters

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alex View Post
    if i could describe this fight in one word- yawn.

    Mayweather- fast, good defense, evasion, accuracy... and played it safe. While I do like watching him fight he really is not very exciting. he might not know how to lose but he knows how to make people not care about a win.

    Marquez wasnt in this fight from the bell, outclassed in every way- speed, power, endurance.
    Sadly not seen in UK on ESPN so I'll have to wait and hope it is eventually shown on Eurosport. Personally, I love watching elusive, make'em miss, hit-and-not-be-hit. For me, it's the epitome of skill and the Noble Art of Self Defence.

    I can admire the resiliance of the fighter whose best punch is a left jaw to a right cross (George Chuvalo comes to Mind) but it's not what I prefer to watch. For Ken Buchanan, Sugar Ray Robinson and Leonard, Clay-Ali.

    Tear-Ups (UK term for toe-to-toe FIGHTING) can be enthralling, Arturo-Mickey, Benn-Eubanks, etc.

    One day when I win the effing lottery, I'll have a Golden Ringside seat at all the top international fights but until that day...


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