Toledo Jiu Jitsu is a great place to train. Chris Blanke is a great teacher and is always tweeking things to keep up with the evolution of jiu jitsu. The school offers gi and no-gi clases and Chirs just added a Judo class that is taught by a 2nd degree black belt who is also a phenominal instructor. The atmosphere is condusive to learning and a lot of the students compete.

The school doesn't offer any striking instruction at the location I train at so i answered n/a to that question but Chris is the head instructor at Detroit Jiu Jitsu which is maybe 45 minutes away and they offer Muay Thai instruction twice a week.(if your a member at one academy you can train at the other as part of your tuition). There is also a MMA academy in Toledo (BadDog Fighting and Fitness) that Chris is affiliated with so you can train unlimited at both places for $140 instead of the $100 each it would normally cost.

Unless your interested in weapons training this is in my opinion the best school in the Toledo area. The lineage is pretty good. Saulo is great and Chris trains with him often and brings back new moves and changes to existing moves to make them better.

Legacy: Helio Gracie, Royler Gracie, Saulo Ribeiro, Chris Blanke