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    I was living in Brooklyn at the time. I had quit my job on Wall Street a couple of months earlier and was basically being a bum living off the savings. That and the market was so bad I couldn't get another job anyway.

    I woke up to the sound of the plane hitting the first tower. I remember thinking "huh... that car backfiring sounded weird." I got up about 20 minutes later and checked my email to see that there'd been an "accident" and a plane had hit the WTC. I went up to the roof and checked it out. It's difficult to quantify how, but it's different to see something like that with your own eyes, even from a distance. I figured it was a freak accident and went downstairs to watch the TV, only to see the second plane hit, then the Pentagon, then the towers collapsed.

    Cobble Hill, where I lived, was close enough that it was covered in dust from the collapse, and you could smell that acrid burning rubber and plastic smell everywhere. I haven't had any symptoms that others who were there have, but I do wonder if it's just a matter of time.

    Odd thing was, although I was right there, I never worried about it. I never feared that I might be killed (it was all over before I really would have processed that anyway). What did really upset me though is the sheer number of assholes calling into talk radio stations yelling about how "we have too much freedom" and that we need to give it up in order to be safe. Never understood what motivated them. They clearly weren't scared. They just sounded angry.

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    September 11 is my birthday, just turned 20. I was turning 12 that day. Nobody remembered my birthday that day except my mother. Now nobody forgets it. I was sleeping when it happened, since it was still early in the morning in Phoenix when it happened in NY. My mom woke me up and told me about it and I was too tired to really understand what was going on. Later on, all anybody at my school was talking about was how cool it was gonna be if we went to war. Middle school conversations never had much quality to them. I think back then the only reason I even knew where the World Trade Center was was because of Sim City. So yeah, not that interesting coming from somebody who was barely in puberty at the time, but that's it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gezere View Post
    Yeah we just don't care about Afghani civilians that's why they have better health care now than they ever did.
    Five minutes Googling.

    Notice the inclusion of that notorious nest of liberal, anti-american pussies, the voice of america.

    But surely you're at least promoting women's rights and that of GLBT people, right?

    Well, no. Not according to the only truly independent women's group in the country.

    Quote Originally Posted by RAWA
    he Northern Alliance blood-suckers, who are part of Karzai’s team and have key government posts, continue to be the main and the most serious obstacle towards the establishment of peace and democracy in Afghanistan.
    Well at least there's democracy...right?


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    It seems that the only people who support anarchy are faggots, who want their pathetic immoral lifestyle accepted by the mainstream society. It wont be so they try to create their own.-Oldman34, friend to all children

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    Sorry to check in so late.

    I was hiding from the phone and a dreaded phone that I did not want. And waiting toget married on the 22nd.

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