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    MMA Unleashed - Adelaide

    With plans for UFC in Sydney, some media have picked up on it as "human cockfighting".

    Promotion of such events in Adelaide are kept more low key where past San Shou events have paved the way closer to full MMA in our city. Last Saturday marks our most recent step forward in the progression of the sport in South Australia.

    The Chief Official and referee then got up to give an explanation of the rules for the modified MMA. I was expecting a bit of backlash from the crowd, as the advertising wasn't really clear on what sort of rules were going to be used, but everyone seemed quite happy with what they were told. Basically this first rule set is equivalent to the 'C' class MMA, which is the San Shou rules, with grappling only on the ground. Head guards and shin guards are still used, which must be a bit awkward, and 6oz or heavier grappling gloves. The plan is to then hopefully get 'B' class rules within 6 months, which would then allow for body strikes on the ground.
    Full write up by sethmerlin at http://www.ozbudo.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=41&t=880

    I'd like to congratulate the Organizers and participants and thank them for all their efforts. Hope this is the start of very good things.

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