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    William Cheung Wing Chun in Chicago

    Just wanted to inform any one in the Chicago area that is interested in learning some quality Wing Chun about a new school opening in Des Plaines.
    I'm not trying to throw out a sales pitch or anything ( I'm just a student), but I've checked out just about EVERY Wing Chun instructor in and around Chicago, and I found that this lineage (or maybe it's just Sifu Milan Kecic's teaching style) seems WAY more realistic and practical.
    Just one quick example is the footwork.
    All the other teachers I've went to taught this 30/70 weight distribution pigeon toed fighting stance.
    Personally, I couldn't see properly defending myself with that stance.
    The footwork we use (from my somewhat limited martial experience) is sort of part kali(triangle)and part western boxing. Very fluid, quick and mobile.
    If you really love your current teacher and it works for you then that's all that matters, but for me this guy really topples all the other teachers I've checked out.
    It just looks , feels and moves like I always thought Wing Chun should.
    I've seen some old non sport muay thai(Muay Boran? I think) and some krav maga stuff that I thought looked pretty similar to the Wing Chun we do.
    Anyway, Sifu Milan is also a certified personal trainer (which means you won't be getting the lazy man's/woman's wing chun here) and he also teaches Qi Gong which has helped me to relax, destress and focus better.
    If anyone wants more info please email me at: [email protected]

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    Des Plaines is pretty close to me.
    What's the address? I might check it out.
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    Hi. Does your school have a website we can check out?

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    chitown wc

    i have family right outside chicago. i practice gary lam wing chun down in indiana, but id like to visit wing chun schools in chicago. just havent found one yet. iv heard phillip nearing is pretty well known. (samuel kwok lineage) does this place have a website?


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