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    Master Peedee, can you review my moves that I made in the chat with Shannon Logan?
    Pretend this was move records from a Chess or Checkers match ok?

    On 11-3-2001, Chee "The Healing Machine" Xiong (AKA ALter7nate) used AIM to chat with Shannon Logan. He used the "Remember?" approach until Shannon say that she went to an all girl school, then at that he moved into "Aiki-Waza", acting like he was an evil spirit...


    bjjbabe1: who's this?
    XSOMAK74: I'm a friend of yours...
    bjjbabe1: oh, really...
    XSOMAK74: Remember Davis from way back then?
    bjjbabe1: nope
    XSOMAK74: Back in our Middle School days...
    XSOMAK74: We use to go to middle school together remember?
    bjjbabe1: nope
    XSOMAK74: Ok
    XSOMAK74: You might not remember, that was too long ago
    bjjbabe1: lol
    XSOMAK74: How's life been lately?
    bjjbabe1: good
    XSOMAK74: So what have you been doing lately?
    XSOMAK74: I've started training in Psychology
    bjjbabe1: writing...
    bjjbabe1: competing
    XSOMAK74: Writing? Competing? In what?
    bjjbabe1: I thought you were a friend of mine!
    bjjbabe1: lol, you should know all this stuff
    XSOMAK74: Do you expect me to know what you're doing lately?
    bjjbabe1: so what is the name of our middle school?
    XSOMAK74: I looked you up with the program Net something, I've forgotton
    XSOMAK74: But you're Shannon right?
    bjjbabe1: yep
    XSOMAK74: Is your last name Lopez or something?
    bjjbabe1: interesting...
    bjjbabe1: nope
    XSOMAK74: I think I've forgotton that
    bjjbabe1: so, Dale, what is the name of our middle school?
    XSOMAK74: Hmmmm, Let me think, I remeber your last name starts with L
    XSOMAK74: Our middle school?
    bjjbabe1: yeah, what was the name?
    XSOMAK74: Boy, That was years ago
    XSOMAK74: I've been through a lot in life
    bjjbabe1: true
    XSOMAK74: From Schools to schools
    XSOMAK74: I don't think I can remember it
    bjjbabe1: me too
    XSOMAK74: You too?
    bjjbabe1: yes
    bjjbabe1: lots of schools
    XSOMAK74: ok
    bjjbabe1: where are you right now
    XSOMAK74: Wisconsin
    bjjbabe1: where else have you lived?
    XSOMAK74: California, I've been to LA, and a few other states
    XSOMAK74: I visited other countries too
    bjjbabe1: lived in California?
    XSOMAK74: Yep
    bjjbabe1: where in Cali? Southern or Northern?
    XSOMAK74: I moved around a lot while in California
    XSOMAK74: All over I guess
    bjjbabe1: like where?
    XSOMAK74: Hold on, I got to get the door (Long pause, Alter7nate was actually running to get a bow of rice and then back to the screen)
    bjjbabe1: ok
    XSOMAK74: That was one of my friends dropping by
    bjjbabe1: cool
    bjjbabe1: how's the weather in Wisconsin?
    XSOMAK74: It's alright, today is not as cold as yesterday
    bjjbabe1: here too
    XSOMAK74: How's the weather there?
    XSOMAK74: Not too cold?
    bjjbabe1: sunny, but chilly
    bjjbabe1: so, how did you find my IM name?
    XSOMAK74: Well I used a Detective Program
    XSOMAK74: This program, you can use to find people
    bjjbabe1: interesting...
    bjjbabe1: so, why were you looking for me?
    XSOMAK74: Wll, I decide to test the program
    bjjbabe1: what is the website address?
    XSOMAK74: And you was one of the people from back in the days that I remember
    bjjbabe1: why do you remember me?
    XSOMAK74: The website address? I remember you because I write alot of journal and I've got a database full of all kinds of things
    XSOMAK74: So the journal keeps track of some people I've encountered
    bjjbabe1: so, you wrote in your journal about me,
    bjjbabe1: what did you write about?
    bjjbabe1: were we friends?
    bjjbabe1: enemies?
    bjjbabe1: classmates?
    XSOMAK74: Well, we were not exactly "Close" friends but we were casual friends
    bjjbabe1: what do you look like
    XSOMAK74: Me? 5 foot 7 and 150Ibs, I'm not sure what you mean by "look like"?
    bjjbabe1: describe yourself, so that I would be able to get an idea of who you are!
    XSOMAK74: okay
    XSOMAK74: Wait a sec. I'm downloading something that's why my response time is slow
    bjjbabe1: ok
    XSOMAK74: Well, I'm kind not dark or pale, I'm not thin or fat, what else - my hairs are not long - what else you want? I'm not very good at this
    bjjbabe1: lol, obviously
    XSOMAK74: I can't remember you much but I think you're not blonde
    bjjbabe1: so, how big is your dick? maybe that will jog my memory...
    XSOMAK74: Why would you ask such a question?
    XSOMAK74: You had a lot of sex as a teen or something?
    bjjbabe1: lol, just to be funny
    XSOMAK74: About average
    bjjbabe1: well, that's nice
    XSOMAK74: You like being nasty don't you?
    bjjbabe1: nasty, like Janet jackson
    XSOMAK74: lol
    bjjbabe1: or nasty like a "bitch"
    XSOMAK74: like talking nasty
    bjjbabe1: oh, I see
    bjjbabe1: I suppose
    XSOMAK74: Well, I guess that's what most women are
    XSOMAK74: Is that true?
    bjjbabe1: I don't know,
    XSOMAK74: I think behind the doors, most women are nasty (Just like guys are)
    XSOMAK74: What are you doing online right now?
    XSOMAK74: I'm downloading a program
    bjjbabe1: I'm just chatting with you and another friend
    XSOMAK74: Who's that other friend?
    XSOMAK74: (Just wondering)
    bjjbabe1: you wouldn't know him
    XSOMAK74: oh
    bjjbabe1: or would you....?
    XSOMAK74: I don't think so
    bjjbabe1: no...probably not.
    XSOMAK74: I'll have to see the screen name to answer that question
    bjjbabe1: so, what does my screen name tell you about me?
    XSOMAK74: let me think
    XSOMAK74: bjkbabe1, let's see, I studied Psychology so I must analyze your name the best I can
    bjjbabe1: go for it
    XSOMAK74: I think 1 does not stand for anything
    bjjbabe1: ok, good start
    XSOMAK74: I think the 1 is just a number used so that the AOL service would accept your screen name
    XSOMAK74: Babe, let's see what that is
    bjjbabe1: bingo
    XSOMAK74: I think this is what you see yourself as
    XSOMAK74: It describes what you see yourself as
    bjjbabe1: ok, go on...
    XSOMAK74: And bjj, let's see
    XSOMAK74: I think this represent something that represent you, this stands for something that represent you, but I oviously cannot read your mind so I don't know what it really means
    bjjbabe1: still waiting...
    bjjbabe1: ah! why don't you look it up?
    XSOMAK74: maybe a nick name or something you belong to?
    XSOMAK74: look it up?
    bjjbabe1: yeah!
    XSOMAK74: Ok, I'll do just that
    XSOMAK74: All the results at Google.com says something about martial arts, is it a martial art or something?
    bjjbabe1: yep
    bjjbabe1: bingo!
    XSOMAK74: So you're a martial artist?
    bjjbabe1: you are on fire tonight, Mr. Average!
    XSOMAK74: Mr.Average?
    XSOMAK74: What's that mean?
    bjjbabe1: lol, just using your own description
    XSOMAK74: My own description?
    XSOMAK74: What description?
    bjjbabe1: sure, didn't you say you were 'average' sized?
    XSOMAK74: Oh I see
    XSOMAK74: What would you do I someone try to kidnap you or something? Karate chop him?
    bjjbabe1: why would anyone kidnap me?
    XSOMAK74: No, I'm trying to say, what would you do in that situation since you're into Marital arts
    XSOMAK74: Kick him in the balls?
    bjjbabe1: run? scream for help?
    bjjbabe1: I suppose
    XSOMAK74: So what did you learn in marial arts?
    bjjbabe1: um, I don't remember
    bjjbabe1: I forgot most everything!
    XSOMAK74: Come on
    bjjbabe1: no, really. It was so long ago...
    XSOMAK74: I know you got to remember a little
    bjjbabe1: I think you are supposed to yell 'fire' or something and stomp on their foot
    bjjbabe1: then run and call the police
    XSOMAK74: ok, like in the movies?
    bjjbabe1: yeah, like in the movies
    bjjbabe1: so, what do you do for a living?
    XSOMAK74: I work with computers
    XSOMAK74: You?
    bjjbabe1: I am a bartender
    XSOMAK74: what's that? (Sorry for my ignorance)
    XSOMAK74: Okay, I got to log off now, it was nice talking to you Shannon. (I still can't remember your last name) you can e-mail me at [email protected]
    bjjbabe1: cool, nice chatting withyou!
    bjjbabe1: bye
    XSOMAK74: ok bye, good night

    XSOMAK74: You're still online?
    bjjbabe1: yep
    XSOMAK74: I was cleaning my room
    bjjbabe1: yeah?
    bjjbabe1: I took a break to eat too
    XSOMAK74: oh
    bjjbabe1: pasta with cheese
    XSOMAK74: ok
    XSOMAK74: I'm bored
    bjjbabe1: oh yeah?
    bjjbabe1: nothing to do in Wisconsin?
    XSOMAK74: nope
    XSOMAK74: I need to get into something
    XSOMAK74: what do you usually do for fun?
    bjjbabe1: movies
    bjjbabe1: reading
    bjjbabe1: hanging out with my boyfriend
    XSOMAK74: what kind of books? I don't like fictions
    bjjbabe1: dunno' whatever is around
    XSOMAK74: what's your boyfriend's name? (Just wondering)
    bjjbabe1: Julio
    XSOMAK74: ok
    XSOMAK74: still chatting with your friend?
    bjjbabe1: yes, I am
    bjjbabe1: different one, though
    bjjbabe1: Lynn,
    XSOMAK74: cool
    XSOMAK74: I've tried to analyze your name, can you try to analyze mine?
    XSOMAK74: I think it's much harder than your's
    bjjbabe1: well, 74 could be the year you were born...
    XSOMAK74: go on...

    bjjbabe1: other than that
    bjjbabe1: your name or initials is probably incorporated into the rest of the letters
    XSOMAK74: I'll just give it away
    bjjbabe1: go for it
    XSOMAK74: XSOM is the initial of Mac OS X (backward) because I use to like computers a lot, and Mac OS X is the new Mac Operating system.
    bjjbabe1: ah, that
    bjjbabe1: is unique
    XSOMAK74: AK-74 is the name of a rifle, I use to like guns
    bjjbabe1: ah, cool
    XSOMAK74: it don't really represent me much at all
    bjjbabe1: I guess, but then again I don't know you
    bjjbabe1: so, really, tell me how you got my IM name
    XSOMAK74: Don't know me? well, I guess you don't know me much since it was long ago back in middle school
    XSOMAK74: I got your IM by using a Detective software
    bjjbabe1: ok, so, Dale
    XSOMAK74: I've also contacted other long lost buddies from middle school and elsewhere
    bjjbabe1: tell me which middle school it was, then
    XSOMAK74: It's Davis not Dale
    bjjbabe1: Sorry
    bjjbabe1: Davis
    bjjbabe1: So, tell me which school it is, then
    XSOMAK74: Let's see, I'm going to go through pages and pages of old journals to see...
    bjjbabe1: ok,
    XSOMAK74: God, there's so many pages and so many names
    XSOMAK74: Ah!
    bjjbabe1: lol
    XSOMAK74: That's your last name there!
    bjjbabe1: go ahead...
    XSOMAK74: It says:

    Shannon Logan
    bjjbabe1: I am asking you for the name of the middle school, not my name!
    bjjbabe1: lol
    XSOMAK74: I'm looking for it...
    bjjbabe1: you could easily get my name, I'm all over the Goddamn internet these days...
    XSOMAK74: So am I
    XSOMAK74: Okay, so you're saying that I'm lying?
    bjjbabe1: yep!
    bjjbabe1: lol, don't act so suprised...
    XSOMAK74: If you can't even remember me from middle school, then I'll let this be a mystery to you
    bjjbabe1: it's impossible that we went to middle school together
    bjjbabe1: you're bluffing
    XSOMAK74: why?
    XSOMAK74: Why is it impossible? Bluffing?
    bjjbabe1: It's absolutely impossible, think about it
    bjjbabe1: there are only a few reasons why it would be impossible
    XSOMAK74: okay, then how else would I know you?
    bjjbabe1: You seem smart, so figure it out!
    bjjbabe1: you don't know me
    bjjbabe1: that's the point
    XSOMAK74: Smart?
    XSOMAK74: Why would you say I'm smart?
    bjjbabe1: you got my name off of the Internet and you are pretending to have met me in middle school
    bjjbabe1: you work on computers, no?
    XSOMAK74: Does that mean I'm smart?
    bjjbabe1: well, you must be smarter than me, i don't know jack **** about computers
    XSOMAK74: My last IQ test was 95
    XSOMAK74: What was yours?
    bjjbabe1: don't remember
    XSOMAK74: Is a IQ of 95 consider "Smart"?
    bjjbabe1: I don't know
    XSOMAK74: 100 is average
    XSOMAK74: I'm below average
    bjjbabe1: really?
    bjjbabe1: I didn't know that
    bjjbabe1: so you penis is average, but your IQ isn't..
    XSOMAK74: yes, 95 is below average
    XSOMAK74: Why are you disrespecting a fellow former classmate?
    bjjbabe1: it's impossible that we were classmates
    bjjbabe1: lol
    XSOMAK74: okay, but the truth is the truth, you don't have to believe it
    bjjbabe1: you're absolutely right!
    bjjbabe1: I don't
    bjjbabe1: I went to an all girls Catholic school, that is how I know you are lying! lol
    XSOMAK74: Okay, you've hurted my feelings, I'll let this be a mystery
    XSOMAK74: Catholic?
    bjjbabe1: yup
    bjjbabe1: how could I possibly have hurt your feelings?
    bjjbabe1: you don't even know me!
    XSOMAK74: So you're under the protection of god (At this point, Alter7nate moved on to Aiki-Waza or Spiritual Techniques, acting as if a evil spirit)
    XSOMAK74: Catholic, I fear them
    bjjbabe1: why?
    XSOMAK74: The great powers of the lord will some day destroy us
    bjjbabe1: brb
    XSOMAK74: I am from one of Wisconsin's graveyard, Son of the morning assigned me there
    XSOMAK74: I'm so lonely and cold
    XSOMAK74: Do you know who Son of the Morning is?
    XSOMAK74: Shannon?
    XSOMAK74: Look, if I've found your name on the web, how can I link this to your AOL screen name?
    bjjbabe1: no, I gotta' run
    XSOMAK74: Run?
    bjjbabe1: because it's in my profile on a few forums
    bjjbabe1: my boyfriend is home!
    XSOMAK74: What forums?
    bjjbabe1: ciao!
    XSOMAK74: I don't use forums
    XSOMAK74: Ok
    XSOMAK74: see you next time
    bjjbabe1: bye
    XSOMAK74: bye

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    LOL! Shannon is REALLY a hottie too man. Have you ever met her? I've met her and talked to he a few times at NAGA and DAMN...... Hey she likes your cartoons so maybe you can use that to get your foot in the door, you know?

    "The only "ancient" art that's worth a damn is Wrestling.
    Pretty much everything else that is called "ancient" is just masturbation without touching your genitals." -Phrost
    "All warfare is based on deception." -Sun Tzu, ca. 400BC

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    I agre with you Pee Dee. She is pretty!
    I'm abit concern that this guy whoever he is seems a little nuts. Maybe he's stocking her???? Some of the comments he made were totally out of bound. He seems more intent in trying to prive information from her. Scary perhaps!
    Hope she keeps away from this weirdo.

    Ghost of Charles Dickens

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    How dare you say that about the great Alter7nate?

    Shannon is not alone, I've given scary notes to such people as my arts student teacher last May...she was about Shannon's age, very beautiful.

    I don't stalk man...

    Behold the powers of GrandMaster Chee "The Healing Machine" Xiong as he is going to fight the final battle of Armageddon!!
    He will soon go to college soon and will like I say fight the battle of Armageddon so in the main time...don't expect his powers at full force until after a full victory is scored!!!

    ANd I'm wondering what part exactly is consider "out of bound"?

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    Take it easy I was just pulling your leg.

    Ghost of Charles Dickens


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