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    The Koreans are rapidly and enthusiastically becoming a Christian people -- abandoning Buddhism/Confucianism/Shamanism in droves. I've known a few converts even here in the US. It wouldn't be surprising at all to find South Korea a majority Christian nation in a 20-30 years. So yeah, that kind of attitude isn't surprising at all, especially from a Protestant minister with (presumably) a convert's zeal. The whole process is fascinating. Something similar is happening in China, but to a lesser extent.
    I can appreciate zeal, but even in my book telling someone to their face that they're going to hell is a douchebag move. First, that's God's call, and no one else's; second, it implies a scare tactic, which, beyond douchery, is pointless considering the Bible says religion that isn't sincere is worthless; finally, it's condescending.
    Also, the guy was confusing a religious conversion with a cultural one. This is also a douchebag move, because you don't have to be--or even act like--an American/western person to be a Christian. The two are very different things; when you forget that, bad things are bound to happen. Like the 700 Club.
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