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    Quote Originally Posted by Terraform View Post
    If you look up the word "Fail" in the dictionary there will be a link to this thread.
    Yes, the fail train certainly starts here

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dsimon3387 View Post
    Will you just take a moment, a deep breath and start to look at somoene in your lineage like Howard to mentor you in this situation? You are lashing out you do not need too do this.

    PLEASE, lets get one thing striaght here. I was never Jason's teacher. If I was, I would have laid the smack down long ago. We were members of the same organization and yes, I was his senior, but never his instructor.

    A few weeks ago I would have been happy to assist, but after all his nonsense, his 5000 plus lies, and his burning party, I will have nothing to do with the guy unless he is teaching, in which case I will gladly put on a white belt, tshirt, no gi, whatever Shamar Professor Daishihan Soke Rabbi Priest Dalai Lama General Sensei Shaman Cleric Grand Master needs so he can prove to me tht his system is the only way to go. I'm betting his shoulder would prohibit him from taking that match.

    Best wishes to the Bullshido crew.


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