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    Any Fencers in the GTA?

    Here's the deal

    I haven't fenced in 17 years I don't want to start training in it again cause i have no time for anything now days.

    But I want to have a match for shits and giggles and see if its still fun

    Foil or epee.

    Anyone out there? (PS I have my foil somewhere but even if I found my pants and gear I am sure I would split them. SO I have no equipment of any sort.}

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    Haven't fenced since we did it in gym class. In my class, I had 2 guys who went to the Canada games: 1 for foil, 1 for epee. I was messing around during/before english class one day (throwing chalk like a pain in the ass teenager) and I picked up a meter stick and was like "AH-HA!!!" then one of them picked up a meter stick, I remembered he fenced and I was like "OH ****!!!" as he schooled me.

    Good times, good times. Although, if I somehow find time outside of MMA, then I'll pick up judo, and if I ever found time outside of that, I'd think about fencing.


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