Dad61 here, tried to post a hello, my first night here, to no avail. Anyways, not much to tell, I'm a mean old bastard, father of 3, married 25 yrs to the same woman and can shoot the asshole out of nat at 20yds with my hand gun. Tac a few hundred yds on that with my 270, 06 or most any one of my other rifles. If I'm drunk and can't see, I'll just sling "lead" at ya in bursts!

Come with in a couple hundred yds of my house and the 4 legged alarms will let me know your there. Better be coming in peace and barring gifts, like beer, or bourbon!

I dig good friends, good beer, good bourbon, good food and good times!
I got hurt and it fucked me up in '95, always been kind of a nerd, so I got back in to computers, video production and what have you.

I come in peace and barring gifts!
I can usually be found hanging out here