Yesterday I took my first BJJ lesson and it was eye opener as much as I was in awe.

Location: Battleground MMA at Edgewater, NJ
Professor: Ailson "Jucao" Brites

First off I am still totally out of shape, haven't done any real grappling in months, and never saw BJJ black belt in action in person let alone 5th degree black BJJ. Best grappling I saw in person until then was sensei Clyde Worthen (6th dan Judo).

Second, watching Professor Jucao roll was seriously eye opener. I read online that he is like water. Even to a newbie like myself, I can clearly see that as he was rolling. I don't know what other words to describe Professor Jucao except like water (in regards to flows)

Third, while I've done 3 years of Judo/Yudo years ago and done some training here there since then. I realized quickly that all that training ended up being barely even with 3-5 month BJJ white belt on ground. Best I've done was pass guard couple times and pin them.

Anyway, I have one week free pass at this school so soon as I'm done, I'll write up school review and see if I'll be joining or not!

Edit: I'm interested to seeing on how my standup grappling do in BJJ as measurement. And BJJ definitely was good measurement of my ground game level in pure grappling.