Hi guys,
In the interest of proper decorum, I thought I should introduce myself. I lurked around here some years ago, but never registered or contributed. I'm not a huge internet person, I merely use it as a resource. I have always found this forum useful for researching schools and instructors.
My professional background is mainly LEO/Mil. My martial arts background is mainly jujutsu. Mostly traditional Japanese, not BJJ. I have trained in KoDenKan, Daito Ryu, a little Kenpo, and a few others. I am not currently training due to an injury. Well, two injuries really slowed me down. In '05 I injured my neck in a training accident. I had mostly come back from that and was training in Aiki when, in late '08, my left foot was crushed/severed during a ship boarding. It was re-attached, between the foot and the neck I now have about twenty five pieces of titanium and some bone out of a dead guy in me. I am in holding pattern right now though, waiting to see how much I will be able to do on this foot. BJJ may be looking good to me when this is over, groundwork is probably my biggest shortcoming anyway.
Anyway, I am a student, not an instructor. I am not a bad ass. I am not interested in competing. I am not interested in internet pissing contests. I am not a keyboard commando. I am blunt. I am honest. I will conduct myself with honor.
I am just me.