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    Quote Originally Posted by lionknight View Post
    Much as I hate to say it; Iím afraid Iím not going to be able to make it either. Tried to find a baby sitter for this Saturday, but from the short list I have to choose from no one was available. Donít think it would be fair to anyone else for me to bring my little girl along, I just think she would be in the way more than she would not.

    Thanks for the consideration guys and hopefully I will catch up to you next time.

    why don't you try coming by for as long as she can stand it. If you haven't noticed, there is always alot of noise and bustle at Cheetah's during my classes. This is intentional as I totally disagree with the rarefied training space that's all bamboo-flutes and ritual and such.

    That has its place, but if my peeps and myself can't function amidst basic distractions, then what the hell will they do when they're got sand in their boxers while storming a beach-head! HUH?!?

    So, yeah, try coming over with her. The only issue, and I have this with my son, is if they get in the midst of us training where they could actually get hurt. Unless, Aaron has any objections of course...Aaron?

    jeezuz! *dials phone #*
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    Quote Originally Posted by lionknight View Post
    Maybe we should double this one up and also call it the Pac NW ThrowDown!

    hehehe -- then you could miss that one at the same time :icon_bril

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    Just got off shift this morning, I will give you a buzz. Your sleeping quarters are all set.

    If someone wants to bring their kid I have no problem with that at all.

    If folks want to discuss options I can be reached at 206-713-9745

    Aaron Fields
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    Just watch out for "Rusty Nail". He's one mean kid!

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