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    erm I don't wana seem stupid.. but i seriosuly misread the title of this thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by willaume View Post
    Well mate
    Like all sparing it just tells that at that moment in time the CF guy had the upper hand on the Fabris guy. Now as the text of the vid says the Fabris guy said that the CF guy was all over him.

    In the HEMA world, most of us if not all are Sunday warriors really.
    So most of the sparing will reflect our inability to deal with something we are not used to. (And really that is one of the best benefits of sparing and filming it.)

    I know it is easier said than done, and I am guilty of not doing it enough myself, but there is a variable distance component to HEMA. If you look at that vid, it is always the same approach to take the measure, so the fight is moving around but it is still linear and a fixed distance, entering by the middle.
    That gives a very consitant entering platform/pattern and the CF guy was very comfortable with that very iteration, more that the Fabris guy

    I have to say that it is really easy to sat that from my armchair; I am not near that observant and analytical when I spare.

    Well, I couldn't say better. It is quite difficult to say wich style and techniques in HEMA are better when you do not live and train with Capo Fero, Fabris, Giganti, Marozzo and so on. What we can say is that CF's efficiency and highly effective principles of his school has real potential to win the most combat situations.

    Well at least, CF has no spare time. Why would you parry and then strike if you can strike during your parry? Thats the way. I personally prefere striking after dodge.

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