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    Is the Leon County Judo Club still active with World vibe? I took the class with Bobby a tcc a while back and tried to get back into it with those guys, but (at the time) I couldn't get in the classes often enough. I'm thinking about trying to get back in to it, though, I jsut can't find their contact info.

    How did you like the tiger gym? I know akbar (the boxing guy at tmma and the gym I'm at now, warrior's path) teaches there sometimes, are there very many adults? I thought about checking it out a little while back, but I was worried it was more of a kid's program.

    Tallahassee MMA is a great school, they have good coaching, run actual classes (some places don't, it's left more on your shoulders to pick stuff up from other people), and have a very active competition team. I can't afford their rates at the moment (75-120/month, depending on how many months you will commit too), but they're worth the expense if you can.

    The FSU wrestling was amazing, I loved it. Everyone that was there when I was still at FSU is gone, though; I bet it is still pretty good. The coach (who was an FSU student) Laroy is teaching wrestling at tallahassee combat sports, these days.

    If you want a more tma-feel, I'd recommend Logan's martial arts academy. I started training with that instructor when I was pretty young, he's a great guy (he used to kickbox and grapple, they have classes in both on top of the kenpo). They spar pretty hard, too, you will actually learn to fight (unlike most TMA places). It's a little ways away from campus, though (capital circle, near tom brown park).

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    ^^^Forgot to mention:

    I'm at a place called Warrior's path fighting systems now, it's mostly a boxing gym (they are offering some other stuff, but I've only tried the boxing).

    It's pretty good, I've been enjoying it. The rates are very low ($50/month), they have long hours (3-8pm open gym), and the coaches will get in and spar with you (always a sign of a good school). The coaches are all really nice and very generous with their time, too, I'm able to get a fair bit of one-on-one instruction. They have lots of equipment provided, too.

    They don't let you spar without having one of them corner you, either, so you don't need to worry about getting beaten silly by a better boxer (they mix weight classes too, which I also like) and you always get plenty of feedback.

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    should I continue with shotokan training? I like it. But its all technique and there isnt that intensity that mma has and i want to get FIT but I do swim and also I bike to school. I jsut like the low stances and katas and techniques and asianess of shotokan and kung fu etc

    a Pangainoon place recently opened up, it is interesting but their sanchin kata is a little different from the one i was shown back when I first took a uechi class.

    Still looks like a really cool dojo and I am not sure how to compare this with the shotokan dojo.

    Other options are a shaolin kung fu school that offers black tiger fist, snake, dragon, leopard and monkey as well as long fist and nan qon or nan kwon as well as wing chun and mantis (sounds like an awesome school but the poster may be right about how they fight, I just like their videos and the Artistic aspect but now that im 26 i really want to get fit and badass, but i always tohught tma were bad ass but maybe not, it has a vibe to it that might not exist out of anime)

    then there is a moy yat place I used to go to, I really liked it but I am ready to really commit, I think I should stay with shotokan. But Im wondering, sometihng tells me the moy yat place was really special.

    how does mma get created? they do tma drills right combined with grappling drills and it is geared towards fighting for money?

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    Lord Shorty, you are pretty much all over the place with your post. TMA is differet than MMA in almost every way. If you are looking at Kungfu and MMA, you need to evaluate what you are wanting to get out of your training.

    TMA- is going to have a lot of forms, but you should be used to that. You have more traditional evironment with cultural stuff going on. Depending on the school, you will have some sparring, but usually it is sparring under certain guidelines per the art.

    MMA- has less forms, but more drilling. Every MMA gym I have been to has kickboxing training on focus mits and bags, with grappling drills and rolling. There will be lots of sparring. And almost no cultural stuff like bowing, osu yelling, or uniforms.

    I've flipped back and forth a few times, and finally decided that the TMA was a waste of my time. But you have to figure out which is right for you. Some people don't want to get beat on and just like the atmosphere of TMA.
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