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    After coldfire's statements. And after not answering my legit question of if he had seen "KFG" in the area before and then him leaving the thread last night shortly after I asked him my 2part question.

    I have no doubt in my mind coldfire knows exactly who "KFG" was/is. This man might still be in the area this day.

    I have reached out to numerous people of the African American community in Dumfries and hopefully I will hear back soon.
    If "KFG" was wondering the streets of Dumfries, people will know exactly who he is. Low income African Americans in Dumfries is where i'm trying to target since this man doesn't look to have money, and majority of mentally ill people come from ,low income homes.

    My family owns many companies in Louisiana and majority of them are in the ghetto. I remember the panhandilers vididly from my age of 9 and even remember a lot of their names til this day.

    Business owners don't forget many pandhandliers if they are from the area of business because they have to deal with them pretty much a regular, name to name basis.

    I have every reason to suspect Coldfire knows exactly who the man is(maybe not his name). If coldfire remembers his mother telling him the man was getting arrested alot, surely the family knew this mans first name. And it's sad that none of them have to guts to give it up. Which if it's true that they know his name and not giving it up.... it's a cowardly act.

    I been reaching out the African American community in Dumfries through MySpace, Facebook... I might even have a good lead as a man claims he might know this man. If it devolopes this will be the first place it is known.

    Bullshido members, God bless you. This place lets me know human compasion, love, and moral understanding still exist in America today.

    You guys are awesome.

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    Hey y'all:

    Sorry for the delays in coming up with these, (had to drive half way across the country), but here are some promises I am delivering on:

    I've setup a tip line for people to call in to leave evidence:
    (303) 720-6718
    Unfortunately there were no local area codes available with google voice.

    Messages left on this will be recorded and transcribed, I will re-post them here sans caller ID.

    I need the following assistance:

    We need official e-mail address to place on the flyer in addition to the phone #. It would be great if we could have an official bullshido address forward to war wheel or somebody who is tasked with the responsibility of recieving e-mail tips.

    If you can touch up the photos in any way. I've left them original for now.

    It would be great to include a short URL link to a summary page instead of linking to the main thread. It would be great if we could get a URL like http://bullshido.net/crimevictim or something of the sort.
    Does anybody care to setup a web site for this? I will probably tomorrow based on the revised flyer.

    Please comment and provide revisions or corrections on the copy of the draft of the flyer (1.1meg doc file, too big to attach):

    http://kmz.me/kfg/HELP IDENTIFY A CRIME VICTIM.doc

    I hope to finalize this today:
    Video evidence of a brutal assault / attempted murder has surfaced. The “Jesus Taught Me” video shows an African American Kung Fu/Martial Arts practitioner’s head stomped on and kicked into a metal pole after he was already knocked out unconscious. Afterwards, He was dragged from outside leaving a trail of blood on the mats.

    It is not known whether or not the Victim survived this attack.

    Victim Info:
    Devoted Christian; Age 22-29 at time of attack*
    Approximately 6’2”, 180Lbs.
    Trained in Martial Arts / Kung Fu / Tae Kwon Do
    Selected Facts:
    Orchestrated by Bobby Joe Blythe, Perpetrated by
    William J. Dennis of Tozan-Ryu Shindokan
    Occurred in Dumfries Virginia
    Claimed to have happened 25 years ago
    * Victims Age now possibly 47-54

    (303) 720-6718 [email protected] http://tr.im/TINYURL
    Thanks, -Henry
    Edit: here is image of flyer for those without word... Will have PDF after it's finalized:

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    Finding You
    Quote Originally Posted by Snake Plissken View Post
    I thought I read Cy Q. Faunce was creating an information site for this.
    Waiting on information and legal signoff.

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    Shidokan -Boxing
    Willie J Dennis

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    just noticed something I want to share, I know doodly squat about karate so the significance of this is not something I understand

    In the lecture video Blythe makes a big deal about not wearing shoes in the dojo like it's some religious thing. however blue jeans man (BJM) bystander is wearing shoes.

    Could this mean that BJM is outside the dojo proper? Does the video area lead directly to the office?

    Not sure what to make of it TBH

    here you go

    a shoe

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joey P. View Post
    I and many others have speculated on which Martial Art KFG has been associated with and someone mentioned Jhoon Rhee being the big guy around the area. I emailed the contact at the school with this letter.


    My name is Joey Phillips and I am a poster at bullshido.com. I do not know if anyone has contacted you all in regards to a martial arts investigation going on at bullshido or not. To summarize, there was a vicious assault that took place in Dumfries, VA in late 1984 on an unknown victim. It took place in a Shindokan Dojo that was operated by one Bobby Joe Blythe. Your current location is only 30 miles away from Dumfries and I was wondering if you all ever had a school that was in a closer proximity around the time of the assault. There is a video of this event and it is widely making it's way around the internet. I assume others might have emailed you before, but on the chance they have not I have decided to do so. To review I am hoping that you can tell me if you had a school in the location at the time and if possible the assaulted man was a student. Any information you may know about Bobby Joe Blythe could be appreciated as well. Below is a link to to Bullshido forum where you can view the assault and maybe try to help ID the man.

    Instructor Bobby Joe Blythe watches/films a student attacking a man in his school - No BS MMA and Martial Arts

    This is a direct link to the footage of the assault. I must warn you that it is disturbing and a disgrace to Martial Arts.


    Thank you,

    Joey P."

    He replied

    Hi Joey

    Sorry, but I am not familiar with the person in the video. I have forwarded it to Master Steve Townsend who has a school in Woodbridge,VA which is close to Dumfries. Good luck in your search.


    Master Chun RheeJhoon Rhee Tae Kwon Do
    1136 West Broad Street
    Falls Church, VA 22046"

    The reason I am posting this with such little info is to see if possibly anyone knows about the Woodbridge school on here and it's possibility of a lead.

    Yes they had a school at tha time in the manassas/woodbridge areas, the reason I know is I attended boxing cards there and at the school in Prince William cty. As for my friends they attended the Fallschurch dojo. I was boxing at the time, and the guy I watched fight a few times was Scott Farmer, he was my friends cousin, he was on cards at the manassas and the fallschurch dojo at one time or another. He called himself The Manassas Mauler, but he should have called himself pathetic guy with no chin. Other than that he was a nice guy, and he was born and bred in Prince William county, if he is still alive he could tell you more of the history of the area. I can tell you Dumphries was a known Hick Town, everyone knew that. I've hunted in Dumphries on more than one occasion, definitley a good ole boy area and mentality. Dumphries is not Washington DC, so lets clarify that right now. If he saw that guy in Washington DC no way in hell that guy would wander some 30+miles away to Dumphries of all places unless he was invited and driven. I cannot explain how bad DC was back then, you had to be there. They had just started to clean it up, and that was when they realised how many people were actually homeless. Violence was very prevalent back then, specially among the homeless. Was nothing for an unknown homeless guy to be found dead back then. My wifes Dad was Peter Catale, and he was a DC cop, he would have told ya.

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    Quote Originally Posted by littleoldme View Post
    a very kind youtube person sent me a transcription
    I heard what BJB said somewhat differently than what's in that transcript. Here is my own transcript of the video:


    We don't tolerate bullshit from nobody in our domain.
    We blackbelts, this is our place.
    We can do what we want any time we feel like it, and feel free as anybody can be in this world, in this place right here, as a blackbelt.

    So show your power. Enjoy yourself. Stress your power.


    Don't beg. Don't ever beg. Don't beg for a goddam thing. Demand it or take it.


    And in your place, this is yours. This is your dojo. No one treads on your territory.
    We can do anything we want in this goddam school and can't a goddam soul will have nothing. We're liberal.
    If they come through that door, it's open season, it's open game.


    This is my school. I do what I want in my home. I do what I want in my place of business.
    Ain't a goddam soul can't do nothing about it.
    Now you say, "Well, my parents told me not to do that [garbled]"
    Big deal. They ain't down here. They ain't no blackbelt either.
    They didn't work their ass off to get blackbelt either.


    din't you ask me, 'cause I've been there. [laughs]

    [cut in video at 01:36]


    come in and one of [garbled] going to be doing this **** [garbled]
    Of course, when you see someone out there [points towards the camera] laughing and giggling while you're out here teaching, stop class and walk back in and say, "man [garbled] you want to fight?"


    You tell me their whole life gonna change [laughs and snaps fingers] just like that? The guy say, "yeah it is." [laughter]
    Hit him.


    I'm telling you what I want as a blackbelt. And if you don't want to be that a way, [garbled] be a blackbelt.


    You demand! You don't ask for it. You demand one thing from your surroundings: respect.
    Now, if you don't get it, you take it. Ain't nobody going to like it, but [garbled] respect. [laughs]


    There ain't nobody in the world [garbled] you guys. [garbled] Nobody. Nobody. [garbled] anyway.


    If they do, they lie. They're liars. They're a buch of goddam liars. [garbled] their ass. They don't like it.
    I, I, I know [garbled] [laughs]


    So, as a blackbelt you demand, you walk tall, and you carry your hammers with you. [shows fists]
    And you use those hammers when you feel like it. Ok? That's all I ask.


    Scare the **** out of everybody who comes through that door. Have fun. I don't care.


    Because we're noted down here for kind of off [points to head] up here.
    We're noted as being ah, not, uh, your sanest school around town.
    And that's why a lot of people don't come here to school.


    And I want to keep up tradition.


    But I guarantee you once they come to this school, though, they come here for one good reason: to learn [garbled]
    They don't come here to bullshit. And we all know that.
    They go to other schools for bullshit. Just to say they've gone to karate school, just to get belts easy.
    And that's why they go to other places and not come here.


    [garbled] like me [garbled] like you either. That's your goddam fault. [garbled]


    The deal is you don't come here because me and him are running a personality contest.
    You're coming here for one thing, and that's to get good.
    And I honest to god feel that me and him can make your ass one of the best around anywhere.


    [garbled] in class [garbled] we can make you the best. There ain't nobody around [garbled]


    [garbled] take [garbled] if he's human. [garbled]


    Students chews gum in class, all you do is tell them to swallow it. Right there in front of you. Ok?
    And if you don't swallow it, grab them by the nose and hold his mouth. Watch him change color.


    [garbled] I don't think I want to be a bodyguard here in this school.


    If a person wises off to you, says, "hehe yes sir," hit him. No questions asked. Hit him.
    And don't explain your act. Hit him.


    If a person touches you in any way, he's either a ****** or he's stupid. Hit him.


    You're not a telephone. [garbled] hit the ****** [garbled]


    But, anyway. No man touches you. No man touches your body at all in this school.
    You can let all the women touches you want. [laughs] Ok?
    Everybody understands how that works?


    So if you're a ****** you tell me today. Or you're a lesbian, you tell me today and you won't make blackbelt.
    If I find out later, I'll stomp your ass. [laughter]


    Ok. I just wanna, I'm just passing on some word to you now, you know what I mean?


    Ok, so if you had this secret all this time and then you break it to me on blackbelt day, [garbled]
    and I find out about it later, then you're in trouble.


    Ah... Let's see what else here we got here.


    Student doesn't bow before he leaves [pointing to the camera] [garbled] said "to hell with you and walks out"
    and everybody around you. Everybody bows who comes in this dojo. And they bow when they leave on their final departure.
    Even if they're in the office, and they didn't bow before they leave the dojo, and you see 'em [waves hand toward himself]
    bring 'em back in. [garbled] that door. Ok? So...


    Of course, [garbled] no shoes worn on the practice area. We all know that, right? No shoe- nobody! Nobody.


    [garbled] no shoes [garbled]


    What if a person whistles in school? They was excited about being here, right?
    So you beat his ass [garbled] excited [garbled] [whistles] and they come
    [garbled] they say "oop!" [quickly covers mouth with his own hands] They do one of those numbers.
    Walk up to him and says, [garbled] in the school. You don't do it in church. You don't do it here.
    [garbled] [laughs] So explain to him [garbled] you'll never hear him whistle [garbled]


    If he does whistle again, just hit him. [garbled]


    See, there's not too much you can do, you know like, you got two years in prison or three years, hit him.
    It's either life or nothing. So hit him. Hit the guy. Hit him again.


    What if a lady comes in or a man comes in, [garbled] man comes in [garbled] earrings.
    You two guys take yours out before you come to class, right? Ok. Never wear earrings [garbled] karate here.
    Ever. And if you're a blackbelt in my dojo, I'd better never catch you with earrings [garbled]


    And I just happen to be up there buying a Snicker candy bar, and you come by and you got a pretty diamond, shining like a diamond [garbled] hanging on your ear, I will bite it out.


    You wear earrings? He's smiling that's why I'm asking. [laughter] [garbled] you surprise me all this time!
    I don't give a **** if it's in your nose or in both ears. I don't care if you're a double ****** or what.
    Or if you ain't a ******, you know, and that's that's the style [garbled] ever see you with earrings on,
    as long as you declare a blackbelt here in this [garbled]


    The day you wear one, is the day you're not a blackbelt here and I will come and take your blackbelt
    and I will get your certificate [garbled] and I will kick your ass.


    [garbled] life do us part [laughter]


    No. You will not be a blackbelt in my dojo and wear earrings. Ever.


    So you might as well [garbled]


    See, but you got a chance to back out during blackbelt day. 'Cause all these things I'm laying out to you

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    I have left a message for Barry Brown of Brown Karate in NoVA. He seems to be in the right age range/area to know some of those present at the Dojo that day. I want to stress that he is in no way connected to the assault. He is just a possible resource.

    "Barry Brown began his training in the Japanese Shotokan style in December of 1966 under Master Teruyuki Okazaki in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where the belt colors were white, green, brown, and black.
    In mid-1967 Barry moved to the Washington, D.C. area and brought along a letter of introduction from Master Okazaki to Master Ki Whang Kim, a Tang Soo Do stylist. After reading the letter, Mr. Kim accepted Barry into his school and replaced his white belt (8th kyu) with a gold belt (8th gup) to match the rank Barry had attained in Philadelphia.
    At the Kim studio Barry often attended classes taught by Master Soo Wong Lee. After several months, Master Lee left to open his own school in northern Virginia where Barry followed Master Lee. While training at the Lee school, Barry often saw Master James K. Roberts stop by to chat with Mr. Lee and consequently learned that they both taught the same style.
    When the Lee school closed in mid-1972, Barry joined the Roberts school where his grade of 1st brown was accepted without question. Barry trained hard at the Roberts school and by the end of 1972 was awarded his 1st Dan. Continued hard training earned him his 2nd Dan in 1974.
    At that point in time, there were very few students at 3rd Dan or above in the karate community. Things began to change in the 1980s. In 1981, Master Roberts decided to test his four senior 2nd Dans. The four students worked hard to prepare for this exam, and in 1981 Barry received his 3rd Dan along with the other three students.
    After achieving this rank, Barry became a regular instructor at the Roberts school. He competed in tournaments and won a number of trophies; most were for sparring, but some were for forms. The highlight of his competitive years was winning the Grand Championship at Master Ron Jenkins’ first tournament in 1985. Barry stopped competing in tournaments in the late 1980s and began to specialize in forms. Many sought him out for guidance due to his expertise in that area. "


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    Quote Originally Posted by Craig Jenkins View Post
    Gents? Joel Kaplan? A Joel Kaplan is listed as a Private Investigator and member of AALPI under (you're not going to believe this) "Action Detective Services. Scottsdale, AZ" Sound familiar?


    Sorry to self reference, but it's interesting that he stuck with the name - per p14 Andrewa, Blythes firm was named:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snake Plissken View Post
    Does he ever set "shoe" on the "teaching area"?

    I don't know because I don't know how the teaching area is defined. I know nuuurthink about karate

    I'm hoping these stills are an improvement, they are the best I can do but if you need a specific view just let me know and I'll do my very best to get it

    he points to location of real or imagined tiger tattoo

    more to follow, please let me know what you want


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