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    FWIW, this was in 1 of Sweden's largest papers today along with parts of the video on their Web TV.


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    Quote Originally Posted by littleoldme View Post
    Well there is a Joel Kaplan in Arizona here


    Interesting services he offers. I would have thought that he definitely has police connections to offer those services.

    Also, just look at the bottom line of text

    "Offices in Scottsdale, AZ , Ft Lauderdale, FL and Washington DC. USA coverage. Numerous vehicles, boat and plane. Immediate response. Large network of peers."

    I think this is him too, only he's edited out his name and all but the most basic of details

    definitely the same address as Blythe's company in the 80s 2851 Duke
    st Va

    It may just be coincidence but there is a Detective Steve Kaplan (a relative?) mentioned in lots of google searches.

    The first one I found was here http://www.judicialaccountability.or...mitshelied.htm

    the website looks like it might be worth contacting? They are based in Florida but it looks like they work with other states.
    There are a good number of Joel Kaplans in Arizona, one in Phoenix with a relative named Steven. Doesn't mean they are the same one, or that others in the Intelius hit list (link below) don't also have relatives named Steven. Of course you're (obviously) right that a private investigator would likely have at least some significant links to law enforcement.


    FWIW, although it remains very speculative, with Zenman's earlier comments on Dumfries being along a drug running corridor, and the Florida connection, as well as the piloting by both Kaplan and Blythe, there are some odd correlations between the interests and activities of those two and activities normally associated with drug smuggling or transport. Florida connections and piloting are two particularly weird connections. When you put all the detailis together, it all looks very F'ing bizarre. This is one of those areas that is painful to discuss becuase it is bound to excite certain types of posters.
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    Gents? Joel Kaplan? A Joel Kaplan is listed as a Private Investigator and member of AALPI under (you're not going to believe this) "Action Detective Services. Scottsdale, AZ" Sound familiar?


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    Quote Originally Posted by kiai69 View Post

    Meat Hat:

    "This guy may be onto something about the transients. Dumfries even now is a bit out of the way from DC and lilly-white."

    You may have knowledge I don't, and be informed by districting realities that shape how the city feels and looks on the ground -- or more importantly power relations -- but the actual demographics of the city by census tend to back up what zenman wrote (not lilywhite but fairly "mixed" @ 34% black in 2000):

    You are right, my reffering to the area as "lilly-white" was based on perception. There are non white people in the area, but it has/had a very small-town atmosphere and the African-Americans there act more like southern white people. Someone who didn't fit that appearance and behavior would be very out of place. I apologize if my choice of language was inaccurate.
    Also, I'm in NoVa for a while, so if anyone has some suggestions on where I could start with research, let me know.

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    I don't know if anyone noticed this yet, but in the bodyguards video there's a clue to the location of Blythe's dojo.

    At the 1'42" mark there's a shot of a storefront right next to Blythe's dojo. The number on the door of the storefront appears to be 8.

    It is quite likely that Blythe's dojo was numbered not far off from the number 8.

    Here's a screenshot of the storefront next to Blythe's dojo, with the number circled:

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    well according to France24, 4chan have done all the research on this and are responsible for breaking the story (you have to scroll down a bit)


    one of the links in the story is to here, so a bit of shoddy journalism I think

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    Quote Originally Posted by catfishaggie View Post
    Liloldme has saved the videos as best as she could. I ended up getting bogged down with work and training and will get back to transcribing the black belt lecture video soon.
    a very kind youtube person sent me a transcription

    here it is courtesy of


    We don't tolerate bullshit, [garbled] in our domain. We black belts, this is OUR PLACE! We can do what we want, anytime we feel like it, and feel free as anybody can be in this world, in this place right here... that's a promise. So show your pride, enjoy yourself, strength, your power.

    Don't beg, don't never beg, don't beg for a God Damn thing! Demand it or take it.

    And in your place, this is yours, this is your dojo, no one treads on your territory. We can do anything we want in this goddamn school, and can't a goddamn soul do nothing about it [garbled].

    If they come through that door, it's open season, it's open game.

    This is my school, I can do what I want in my home, I can do what I want in my place of business, and not a goddamn soul can do nothing about it.

    Now if you said that 'My parents told me not to be that way', big deal, it ain't them here, and they ain't no black belt either, they didn't work their ass off to get black belt either, so what the hell do they know? [garbled] But you can ask me, who's the best around, because I've been there [film cuts] I couldn't of told any one of you that you'd be doing this **** around this Christmas week.

    Of course you see somebody here laughing and giggling, [garbled, sounds like 'not paying attention? Say I'm glad you don't want a goddamn thing... garbled].. he says 'you wanna fight?' You tell them their life was gonna change (snap) just like that?

    Then the guys says yeah, hit him, (laughs hysterically).. Hit him. Now I'm telling you what I want as a black belt, and if you don't want to be that way then [garbled].

    You demand, but you don't ask for it, you demand one thing from your surroundings, respect. And if you don't get it, you take it. Ain't nobody gotta like it, but common sense say they respect you (laughs, 2:34). There ain't nobody in the world that's gotta like you guys, but me. Nobody, nobody, ain't too many people tell you they like me in the world, if they do then they're liars, they're liars, they're a bunch of goddamn liars, they're all liars, they just gonna give you that answer.

    I, I know, I know. So, as a black belt, you demand, you walk tall, and you carry your hammers with you. [3:04].and you use those hammers when you feel like it. That's all I ask.

    Scare the **** out of everybody that comes in that door [garbled], I don't care. Because, we're known down here as being kind of, aweful [or awesome?]. We're noted as being, uh, not your sanest school around town. And that's why a lot of people don't come near this school.

    I want to be in that position. But I guarantee you that those that come here to this dojo, they come here for one good reason, to learn [low volume, sounds like 'self defense'], they don't come here to bullshit, and we'll honor that. And those other schools are bullshit, it's just like they did in my private school, [garbled], easy, and that's why they go to [garbled low volume 4:00-4:10].

    The deal is this, you know, you didn't come here because me and him are the only person [garbled] you're gonna get one thing, and that's a good thing, that me and him can make your ass one of the best around the world. [garbled] we can help you do that, there ain't nobody any better. [low volume, muffled 4:33-4:42]

    Students, you've gone to a class, all you do is tell them to swallow it [low volume after that 4:50-4:54], and if he don't swallow it, grab him by the nose and hold his mouth, and watch him change colors. [garbled] ****, you know, I don't think anybody would really want to mess with you.

    Now, if a person wises off to you, say 'it's ok, because you're against us', no questions asked, and don't swing back.

    If a person touches you, in any way, he's either a ****** or he's stupid. Hit him. You're not a [garbled, low volume 5:44-52], but anyway. No man touches you, no man touches your body that aren't stupid. Ok, now does everybody understand how that works?

    So if you're a ******, you can tell me today, you tell me today, and you won't make problems, but if I find out later I'll stomp your ass [Dennis laughs, garbled from 6:20-25]. Ok, so if you've had that secret all this time [unintelligble] and I'll find out about it later.

    Uh, let's see what else here we got here. Student doesn't bow before he leaves you holler at him and say 'hey, turn around and bow', because he, he said 'to hell with you' and walked out, and everybody around you. Everybody bows who comes into this dojo, and they bow when they leave on their final departure, even if they're in the office. If they didn't bow before they leave the dojo, and you see them, let them back in, bow there for me. Ok, good. Of course, you know there's no shoes going from the back stairs, you all know that right? You should know that nobody [mumbles]. I glance around back this way, no shoes better be in the room.

    What if a person whistles in school? It means you're excited about being here right? [garbled, whistles] and they kind of lose it and say 'woops!' [covers mouth, garbled after that], you don't do it in church, you don't do it here. Simple as that. So explain to him, If [Gus] whistles again, just, give him [gestures a 'Shh'].

    See, you know there's not too much you can do, you know he's got two years in prison, and three years in [garbled 8:16-22].

    What if a man comes in and he's got earrings? You two guys take his out and we'll do the rest right? Ok, never wear earrings with your Karate uniform, ever. And if you're a black belt in my dojo, I better not ever catch you wearing earrings in your ears even [garbled].

    And if I just happen to be up there buying a Snickers candy bar, and you come by and you got a diamond, a pretty little diamond shining [garbled] hanging in your ear, I will bite it out.

    Do you wear earrings? [at a student], See you smile, you've been hiding it from me all this time! I don't give a **** if it's in your nose, or in both ears. I don't care if your a ****** or if you ain't a ******, or if that's just a style, I better not ever see you with an earring on as long as you declare a black belt here in this school. The day you're wearing one is the day you're not a black belt here, and I will come and get your black belt and I will [garbled] and I will beat your ass.

    [says something to Dennis] No, you will not be a black belt in my dojo and wear earrings, Ever, so you might as well give that **** up. See but you've got a chance to back out from a being a black belt {end of video}

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    I realised when I read the transcription that I actually have another video where to talks about police corruption.

    My eyes are sore from looking at a screen for hours and I'm getting fat too.

    I think I need a break for a few hours and then I'll look at all the videos again

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    With regards to Joel Kaplan:

    This link:
    lists a phone with a 602 area code and a fax with a 480 area code.
    602= Phoenix
    480= Scottsdale

    Not a big thing, he could have a Phoenix cell phone.

    now, the address shows this on Google maps:

    A normal strip mall type office building with a listing of numerous businesses. One such business:

    Is Jlk Investigative Services, Jerome Allan Landau, which features the same fax number as Kaplan's agency.

    Landau, is also this man:
    an attorney who:

    Quote Originally Posted by Bio Page
    Jerome relocated from New York to Arizona in 1986 to marry his wife Linda, a lifelong educator. He is an ardent hiker, the Grand Canyon being his favorite trek and horseman. He also teaches, and continues to study, the philosophy of Aikido, a Martial Art in which he holds a Third Degree (Sandan) Black Belt.
    In Arizona, we have licensed and bonded PIs:


    Here is a screencap of the last name Kaplan:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	kaplan.jpg 
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Size:	52.7 KB 
ID:	10467

    His license expired this March.

    As I come up with more, I will post it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ASBELTOMATO View Post
    i was trying to read the back of KFG's shirt, but was unable. maybe someone can make something of this:

    I've run it through a couple times and the best I can come up with is Cars. Couldn't make out anything from the top word. Looks like the C has some sort of line leaning up towards the right. Could also be cats???


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