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    Jimmy Pedro and Dr. Rhadi Ferguson On The New IJF Rules

    (from http://judoforum.com/index.php?showtopic=39766)

    YouTube - Jimmy Pedro and Rhadi Ferguson talk about new IJF Rules

    The rules are what they are. I'm a coach. The rules are made and I play by the rules and come up with the best solutions oriented approach to get my clients/athletes in the best position to win as possible through my knowledge and resources.

    When they removed groin strikes from MMA some complained, some got busy doing something new.

    When the UFC removed knee strikes when someone is down on the ground, people found a way to use that to their advantage.

    When the gripping rules changed, people adjusted.

    Do I think its fair to spring this on some kids that have been training for 9 months for the Judo Worlds? Nope. I think it would have been good to mention, to test at some other national/domestic events around the world. Get some reports back and then prepare the world for the changes, but, I don't sit in the seat of the decision-maker. Here, I'm the dependent variable and I will govern myself accordingly.

    I already know some new stuff to do and have been talking with some of the players from Mongolia and Armenia. I also got to meet with Khabarelli today. (a dream come true for a pickup guy).

    Taraje and I are still shooting the Ugly Judo 102 DVD: Kataguruma.....and its derivatives. Which will be for Judo, BJJ and Sambo. There are about 30 different versions of Kataguruma that are like kuzure kataguruma that don't need the leg grabbed in order to finish the technique. Absolutely amazing stuff that I learned here and from Taraje's coach Arkadiy Aranov. Arkadiy said, "This rule changes nothing!" And for those in the know....it really doesn't.

    I am also going to shoot an Addendum to Ugly Judo 101: Morote Gari which will include, the bodylock which the Mongolians have been devastating people with here at the World Championships. Morote Gari is less of a level change than the wrestling double leg and the bodylock is less of a level change than morote gari. I just need to find out the japanese names of these things. .....CK , help me! :)

    On another note.... Life is good. I'm at the world championships and Te Guruma still seems to be the most exciting technique of the tournament.

    Take care and God Bless.

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    I wonder how this new rule would affect finishing techniques such as te guruma.

    Very interesting, and I agree on the whole turning the junior worlds into a guinea pig thing.

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    The rule change is incredibly drastic and a clear reaction to the success of the Mongolian Wrestler at the Olympics in my opinion. I do sympathise with what the IJF are attempting to accomplish with the change in rules (Forcing more upright Judo) But the rule won't work because it will simply lead to bodylock takedowns and fake attacks to set up Morote Gari. In addition, bent over defensive posture remains useful anyway particularly as players know that at some point their opponent will have to attack it or be penalised for passivity.


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