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I just want to first and foremost say I never truly experienced jealousy or hatred until I decided in 2011 to get sober live healthy and get in amazing shape (Iím a little fluffy once again) but when your doing well people will always hate because I realize they donít believe in themselves so anything negative they say is a reflection of how they feel inside so I feel for Michael Proctor in that regard.

I joined his gym in 09 after very briefly training at t-town mma. Iím not going to bash this man one bit Iíve experienced good and bad but people tend to forget the good people do for you. Mike has shared some of his personal stories with me and honestly heís overcome a lot not gonna get into the specifics. Me and mike have had our share of disagreements but he is a SOLID fucken jiu jitsu coach .Iíve trained many places including training with Mighty Mouse at amc pacific before it closed and with Eddie Blackburn and Alfonso Gonzales back when it was NW elite,I also trained at west coast fight team under Reese Andy for 3 years and realize michael proctors knowledge of jiu jitsu is commendable and must be respected itís almost on another level. I will give him that. Not really sure how the mma program is I never really looked at his gym as an mma school the longer I trained but things May have changed. At my lowest point in life mike was there for me as a friend when I needed one and heís seen me at my worst. As a result of training at his gym I met a lot of cool people along the way who Iím friends with and train with to this day. Did Mikey buy his belts? Bruh yea right he obviously knows what heís doing his level of instruction is amazing Iíll give him that once again. Only reason I came across this thread is because Iím trying to get in contact with my close friend kina peneueta I lost his number after I got a new phone kina took my fight game to a whole different level cuz I was super green and not very strong, Iím better now than I was a few years ago obviously but anyway I love that guy forever shawndee as well despite what they both went through with Mikey but itís not my business. Are me and mike friends? Not really. Time flyís people drift apart and people have their differences but one thing I will do is respect his craft and give him his props cuz he def deserves that for sure . Iím reading these hateful threads like damn....anyway I had to put my 2 cents in. I gaurantee youíll learn a ton training there. God bless.
Thanks for sharing random stranger.