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    Quote Originally Posted by Fighting Cephalopod View Post
    This was the first time either woman had really fought someone their own size, and it showed.

    Against her previous opponents Gina basically showed no defense whatsoever, she just threw a lot of strikes while letting their shots bounce off her like superwoman. Against someone her own size throwing heavy leather, her lack of defense and movement cost her a lot of damage and she really just folded up.

    Similarly Cyborg is used to just tossing around smaller women with her athleticism, and when she tried to throw around someone her own size she wound up stuck on the bottom of mount (which to her credit she turned into a leglock attempt really fast.
    your insight makes me speechless.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MaxThunderstone View Post
    Not a hypothetical. Its a pretty good business model. Put the two in the same place (ring next to the poles and lap dances) and the strippers won't make a dime, despite the men coming for them in the first place. To fix that, you cut the card to just a few fights a night.
    The first factor is still relevant. You can watch the fights and the girls without paying extra.

    Make lap dances free and I doubt your model holds.

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    You have a valid point, but I think that the example still lends credence to the idea that raw sex appeal isn't what drives sports viewing.

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